Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew-in & Giveaway Day Results!!

Friday Night Sew-In

Thank you for your patience in waiting for my Friday Night Sew-In post!  I was hoping to hear from my Giveaway Day winners before this post hit the blogosphere!

I had high hopes for competing a lot of projects, but it was not to be.  However I am very glad to have gotten much further on a WIP/UFO started 3 years ago!  I added the foggy effects to the picture because that is about how I was feeling towards the end!  I have 5 rows with 5 blocks each, some still need a little top-stitching.  I have two rows sewn together, 2 rows pinned, and 1 row just hanging out.  The hardest aspect of this project is that I had every pin basted.  I totally forgot what it is like to quilt on something that shifts so much!  I had thought about not spray basting because of costs, but if I have to give that up I think I will give up quilting as well!

I think I made great headway on my Valentine's tea cart topper/table runner by ironing on adhesive and cutting all the heart pieces out.  I am not a person who likes pink (at all), but I am wanting to start decorating our place for holidays, seasons, and well just to feel homey.  I am thinking our baby girl will enjoy the colors changing out when she comes along!  This topper might be done by next Friday's TGIFF or I may have to devote all of next Saturday to sewing to get my WIP's done before they turn into UFO's at the stroke of Midnight New Year's Eve!  The very project I showed you yesterday, telling you that I was going to work on only got a few squares sewn together.  It will need different amount of squares for each placemat, so I am trying to plan that out before I have to seam-rip (I would rather go to the dentist).

GiveAway Day

The 1st winner chosen by the best comment is:
Marcia W who said,"As your child grows, they will start exploring and pulling things out. Suggestion: Invest in a storage unit that has drawers on the bottom and open shelves on the top. Then, use clear plastic containers with lids of the size that fits your unit. My mother's sewing area was in a deep closet with shelves, the machine cabinet in the middle, good lighting, and louvered bifold doors that closed to hid the mess. All her craft and sewing supplies were in clear boxes on sturdy deep shelves on each side of the closet, making use of that area on the fixed end of the doors. There was separate closet for clothes. This was in my bedroom, and it worked! Thanks for the giveaway. "

The reason I chose her comment was because I realized after reading her comment we had such furniture already;  My husband's Executive desk, Credenza, Filing cabinet, And matching book case.  I had never considered asking him to use it, but when I asked, he said it is mine for the new apartment!  This will allow everything to be locked away on the bottom, open on the top and in the common area so I can work there at any time of day or night!  Thank you Marcia!

2nd Winner was chosen by Mr. Random Generator is:

Cat who said," Ha! I am the worst person to ask this question to. I live in a tiny apartment so my crafting stuff is stuffed into every crevice and hole I can find!"


Thank you for all those you participated in my first Giveaway Day!  I am sorry if you did not win, I wish I could have given many of you prizes.  I am planning on having another giveaway over the first week of the new year; please check back!  I am now in anticipation of attending Ziona's first baby shower!  I am so excited that other people want to celebrate her with me, I can't begin to say what it means to me...Tomorrow is Stash Report & maybe a picture from the shower!


  1. Your quilt is very pretty, would be nice for a little girl!.
    Have you tried pressing your layers before quilting. I find it bonds them together making it easy to quilt. Only for cotton or wool batting.
    Hugs Tanya

  2. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for a great giveaway!

  3. Congratulations to Marcia and Cat!

    I love all of the colorful hearts. I think they will really decorate the house for Valentines day. I am with you - I am so NOT into pink.

    I always feel like I am in a fog when I have what seems to be a never ending project. It will feel so good when you are finished.


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