Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Becoming More Creative (A contest/giveaway)

I have caught a few posts lately about the whole idea of who owns creative thought.  I have been spotty on my blog-hoping this year so far, but over and over again I am seeing posts on who owns what.  Leah Day has written a bit on the subject, which you can about it read HERE and Rachel from Stitched in Color chats about it HERE.

 Permission by Lisa Francis Photography
Last year I got a message from someone that I should give credit to so and so because they created it therefore they own the copyright on it (I had actually thought I had come up with it on my own).  I have to be honest, I am starting to feel hemmed in creatively and the whole situation actually makes me want to stop looking at other people's blogs completely!  Now, when I am inspired by another's creativity, you bet I am going to say something or link to them, that is if I can remember.  I mean I see a gazillion items on Pinterest that I never even pin on my own boards, something may have sparked a thought in my brain without me knowing, hey it happens!

So I had a thought why don't we set out to create a block that we ARE willing to share with others.  I know that there is software out there that is super-great for designing and quilt planning, but I will show how to use just plan pen/pencil, paper and a couple other items you probably own as a quilter.

What you need:  Pen or Pencil, paper, cutting mat with lines, and cutting ruler

1.  Determine what size you want the completed block to be, you can mark the outside first.  I decided I wanted to make this a 6"X 6" block.  If you line up your upper left hand corner of your paper along with the lines on the cutting mat you can use the measurements in designing your block.  This is not for paper piecing but more for getting your head wrapped around a design.

2.  Using the lines on the cutting mat, mark out a simple design to start, perhaps a nice 3 stripe block like this.

3.  Here I added to extra lines in the middle where I plan to use a different fabric.  You can make your block as simple or complex as you wish, either way have fun with the process.

4.  For fun, why don't you give your new block a name, don't forget to also put the date.  It will be fun to look back on your block designing as you progress through the years.  You may notice your leaning towards a certain type of design.

This is my mock up of my "red-eye" block, the measurements are not exactly like my plan because I used scraps.

This is my "earning my stripes" block
This the quilt top I came up with yesterday using both blocks together.  I still have plans to add some sashing on the outside and maybe a fun print for the binding. (update 7/25:  I bought some neat border fabric & orange for binding)

The other reason I started writing down the designs that pop in my head is that I already have way too many WIP's to be starting another project every time a thought comes to my mind.  Sometimes I will even write out my idea for a block or quilt, pull the fabric I want to use and put it all in a gallon sized bag.  For the most part it helps me resist most efforts my brain has to derail my focus.  With this project, I came upon scraps I had left over from making my A Mother's Love Memorial Quilt (Read about it HERE) and wanted to create something from them.

So why don't I have a little contest?  Create a block on paper and share it with us.  I will put up a linky party for the next week or so, you can link up your Sharing block, then we'll open up voting next Monday,07/30 at 12:01am US Central and close it Thursday, 08/02 at 11:45PM US Central.  I will announce the winner On Friday, 08/03 by the end of the day (Central time).  I am not sure how many winners will be chosen or what they will win yet, but it will be open to international people!  I will update this posting tomorrow with the prizes and any smallish print.

UPDATE 7/25:  One winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop (They are not sponsoring this contest).  

Smallish print:  You do not need to be a follower to win, but you must have a valid email address.  You can link from a blog or flickr account or another photo-sharing account as long as we can see the block pattern in the picture you submit below!  If I cannot contact the person who won within 36 hours of announcing the winner, I will contact the 2nd place winner.  I will give them 36 hours to respond before moving onto the next until someone receives the prize.  You may submit up to 2 separately linked blocks.  I wish all of you well and I cannot wait to see what you create! 

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  1. The look of the blocks are great! I love to mix the strip blocks with the square ones. I do the same thing, pull my fabrics for a specific project that I want to do and put them in a labeled clear shoe-box sized plastic container (or bag if it is too much). That way I don't accidentally use it for something else.

  2. It sounds like a fun idea. I can't wait to see the creative blocks that will come out.

  3. Sounds like fun! Sometimes I just pull out fabric with no idea what will come from it, very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. Hi! Great post! Your quilt is beautiful and so happy! I agree that our ideas come from so many places and things we see and it's difficult to know how we find the idea in first place. Also most of the things and blocks are already made, so surely someone somewhere has made something similar or perhaps even the same even we thought it was a new idea.
    Have fun and enjoy your sewing! x Teje


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