Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finishes 43: Trailing Behind (Giveaway Winner)

First of all I am announcing the winner of the Traveling Stash Box since I was unexpectedly out of the house almost all day):

#7:  Suz Made Me Do It

I had a little technical difficulty as I am adjusting to using a PC rather the my wonderful IMAC (it just turned 7 years old, but I am out of batteries for mouse & keyboard, lol) so I decided to have Z pick the winner from choosing from among a bunch of papers, but she tried to shove them into her mouth instead so I resorted to just taking a picture of the computer screen after the number was generated and then check who won.  I will be shipping the package out on Friday.

Picture of computer screen and results for Giveaway

 Z is a little young to go Trick Or Treating, but I wanted to have something for her to wear to the party at the School where I volunteer.  A very sweet person gave her a couple bags full of clothes they picked up shopping at yard sales.  I pulled out this lovely smocked blue dress for Church on Sunday and it kept bringing up Alice In Wonderland in my mind when I saw her in it.  I thought it might work if I made her a little apron.  I made it a little large for her current size so she could play with it later with her other dress-up clothes (that I haven't made yet, but they be coming!  lol).  The piece that goes around her neck velcros to the bodice piece.  I made it that way so I can trade it out with a longer piece to change sizes.  I used the iron on velcro which did not work successfully on the neck piece so cut new pieces and sewed it down before taking her picture.

Alice's Apron--Not bad for a 2 hour project!
Large Dense Floor Pillow Waiting for covers!
 I was also able to complete a floor pillow which is much needed as we play with Z alot more (its tiring following her around, lol!).  I play to use ti to make some festive pillow coverings coming soon!  I also am so in-love with how this Two plus Two Bouse turned out.  I have been trying to get ahead of Z's growing spurts just as she is showing signs of losing weight and not getting bigger (Its all that moving around I tell you!).  I am debating on what to make for the bottoms.  Maybe both a skirt and a pair of pants!
Oliver +S 2 Plus 2 Blouse with short sleeves (Front)

I used more of my great-grandmother's black plastic buttons! (The back)

I love the idea of adding size tags which was just made using ribbon, machine stitch, & some iron-on adhesive, then it was zigzagged down to stay put as she moves about!
This is my Last Blog Post I am linking up to TGIFF's OctoberQuest Contest!  I am so excited what I have accomplished and I am thankful that this was a spur in the heel to keep on working on Projects!  Hopefully I will get through many more before the end of the year!!

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  1. She is so cute. I love her outfit. They do get so heavy at this stage and I am sure you can't wait for her to do some walking around on her own.

    1. We put the outfit on her tonight, so cute on her (although big)


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