Friday, July 1, 2011

My Quilt was chosen for a contest! My story about the Quilt.

On one of my favorite websites, Sew We Quilt @ Sash Manicure , I entered a picture of my quilt for my friend's third child in the July banner contest.  Madam Samm let me know last week that I was one of the quilts chosen for her banner for the month of July!  It's quite an inspirational site if you ever have time to look at it.  You can also click on the button on the right hand side of this page.  So my thoughts about the Quilt...

As a first born child I have more baby pictures than my 3 younger brothers combined.  The third child in our family (#2 of 3 brothers) has about a dozen baby pictures total.  Let's face it, third children often get the left-overs, the hand me downs, and sometimes are overlooked.  When I knew my friend was going to have her third child I felt I needed to make something special for them; something brand new and all their own.
I decided to make the quilt red, white and blue because he was going to be born in July.  I started the quilt before I knew what the gender of the child would be so I wanted the colors to be deep rather than pastel or light colors.  The blue and red fabrics have the same print and I had 11 yards of each fabric.  When one looks at the quilt it seems rather simple, but this was seriously the hardest quilt I have ever made.  Why?  Because every white line had to be straight or as close to it as possible or it would show up quickly!  I redid so many seams for this project.

This was the very first project that I did free-motion quilting all over the quilt top.  When I look at the pictures and see how tiny the quilting is and it was before I discovered quilting gloves!  When I see my friend's son on the quilt playing I feel good to have given him his own little space.

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  1. I sew pleased you posted this...I never did get your story..can you send it to me..I will post it asap


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