Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W7: Coffee, Tea, & Me!

(I had this post ready but forgot to hit "Publish" button before we left for doctor's visit which then led to the hospital!  Read Friday February 24th's post for more news!)

I have been sitting here for weeks flooding my pinterest boards with pins, ideas, and inspirations!  I like to first check out my friends' ins, then strangers' pins, and then I spend random time scouring the internet for more ideas.  With all these pins people often say to me, "Will you ever use or make anything from those links?"  I can already say  yes to that!  I have goals of doing more of course, but I honestly haven't the ability at the moment.  With knowing that we have now scheduled to move at the end of May (Just need to find a new place!), I hesitate to start many new projects.  Plus with the unknown of Motherhood just around the corner, I am not sure how much I will actually be able to accomplish.

Wonky House Block Swap
I have been have fun with the Wonky House Block Swap-round one! I have finally completed my wonky igloos and my signature blocks.  I was super excited to hear that round Two would be Wonky trees!  I kind of got a little mixed up on my counting when I started making them though and ended up with 21 trees instead of 12.  I decided I will keep one and then mail the other 20 off for the swapping.  This round is still open for sign-up, so even if you did not get a chance to be a part of the Wonky House Block Swap, there is is time to make trees for the swap in round two!  You can see all of my finished Wonky houses and tree on my flickr page (I posted one of my tree blocks down below as well).

Tea Pot Cross-stitch
I have been working on my teapot cross-stitch as well; my husband has been a real help to me on this one.  I have goals of getting this finished by Christmas, one has to think ahead and not get to crazy on one's goals, lol.  It is supposed to be a table runner, but I am not sure if I am going to go that route yet.

My Goals for this week:
1)  Finish/Mail Wonky & Siggy Blocks
2)  Cowboy Table Runner
3)  Mending for husband
4)  Cross Stitch
5)  Continue to grow Ziona.

Started in the past week:            20
On WIP List this week:              15
On UFO List this week               11
Completed past week:                00
Completed this year:                  12
Fabric: (Does not include wonky blocks yet)
Busted the past  week:               0.0 
Busted this year:                      11.75
Stashed the past week:               0.0
Stashed this year:                     26.0
Net Busted for 2012:               -14.25
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