Saturday, November 29, 2014

Z Moments: Barbie Girl

Z: Mommy! Help!
M:  What's wrong?!!
Z:  I need help
M:  What can I help you with?
Z: Panties!
M:  What?
Z:  Barbies need panties. <pause> Ladies always need panties on...and helmets!

Ziona has recently found my little collection of Barbies and has claimed them as her own.  She is happily playing in her room while I am sewing.  A friend of mine was shocked I would let my daughter play with such things. My opinion is that Barbies are just dolls, they never made me feel inferior about myself, people did that, and I let them.  Barbies took me on adventures (with GI Joe, he always tagged along too) and helped me to think creatively.  I do think though she already has the right idea on the panties!

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