Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 Instagram Swaps: The Rainbow Mini Swap Round 2

I am a sucker for rainbows but I have to admit, after all the swaps I have been involved with for the last 6 months, I am tired, but more about that later.  I was delighted with the idea of going rainbowy but not in a typical sense.  All the fabrics are fromt eh Moda Grunge line by BasicGrey.

I wanted to put the tedious work into paperpiecing these awesome butterflies and I wanted to have my piece be something inspiring, a message my partner could look to and remember.  I stalked their Instagram board faithfully and I came away with the idea that my partner wanted to work on their own sense of Patience.I then took the left overs from the paperpiecing and made a project pouch with a fractured design.  The back included one of the butterflies I had left over and some words, hopefully of inspiration.

I really loved this project and my hope is that it will bring my partner joy!

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*\0/* cheers

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