Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabric Stash-The Ugly Truth Contest

I have written or at least alluded to the fact that I had collected a tiny, itty bitty stash of fabric...and now that I have practiced a little irony for the day, I will express just how much I am over my head.  In the containers on the back of the wall in the photo I started to organize and iron my fat quarters in color order.  In typical fashion I got distracted in this process and started adding yardage or whatever fabric I came across besides the tiny scraps which have their own little place.  Not sure where I was exactly in the process, I pulled them all out today, realizing that only a portion of my fabric is organized, and then promptly felt overwhelmed!

The fabric piled up on the table in front of the containers is just a a few piles I grabbed from other parts of the craft room.  There is a rubbermaid tote full, a couple milk crates full, and honestly that pile from my mother that I washed (30 times) is still piled on the floor waiting to be ironed and designated for use.  We are going to ignore the Decorating fabric tubes taking up a corner of my bedroom closet for the simple fact that I do not use a lot of it in my craft making (It mostly goes towards new international students need for curtains here in the married dorms).  There are several bolts of fabric tucked through out the room that makes me truly look like I should open my own shop.  There is a shelf half-filled with random wools, seasonal scraps, and costume fabric behind my front door (behind the curtain).  And finally, every other surface area in my craft room has little piles of fabric, fabric separated for project uses, baskets (several) of strips from scrap bags, and random scraps everywhere.

My goal:  to figure out how much yardage I currently have, use as much said yardage as possible, and not to acquire too much more fabric!

Problem:  Fabric is not organized, I basically have no idea what I have, and some fabrics are not appropriate for the way I am quilting (not cotton).

Solutions:  ???  This is what I need from you!

Contest:  Do you have ideas of how I could organize my fabric more effectively?  Do you have ideas of how I could use my stash of fabrics in projects?  Please share with me in the comments to this post!  If you are a follower and are not a "no-reply blogger"(click HERE to find out how you can fix this) I will pick a person randomly to win a prize!  I will draw the winner on Sunday, September 18th so comments will close on Saturday night.  I will make the prize a good one!

UPDATED: Comments closed, winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. I don't really have wise tips on fabric organization ...yet. What I do know is that for me to not get overwhelmed by projects I have to work in 15-30 min increments. So don't pull out more than what you can put away in that time. I'll ask my mom for other tips. :) miss your smiling face!

  2. I don't have a lot of fabric, but if I did....I think the boxes you have are great....so I would divide by color, pattern or plain, and then by size...large pieces, small squares, and jelly roll pieces..that is how I would start :)