Thursday, September 1, 2011

WIP: Baby girl Tumbler Quilt

Well my thoughts about blogging three times a week has dwindled to 1.5 times a week!  It is going to take a week or so to get my fabric ironed, measured, organized, and put away in the right location, so I am going to delay posting a stash report for a couple of weeks, and then I plan to post weekly about sewing through my fabric collection!

This week I have focused on a quilt for my brother, Nick's, new daughter.  I am hoping to figure out a way to incorporate her name or initials at least into the design.  I will write up the directions for this quilt on Monday; you can use a little scrap material up or to make it quicker you can use a pre-cut charm pack.  I am hoping to have this project completed by Sunday, but it takes the time it will take!

On another note:  Nugget is starting to move around at a particular time!  Right now its between 8PM-9PM and he/she is very active.  I am debating on fabric choices for a quilt for Nugget as much as we are discussing names.  We still do not know the gender and we are not sure that we will share that until they are born; after all, I was supposed to be a boy all the way up until I was born!  For those of you that have asked about tummy pictures, I may post one this next week.  See you all next week!

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