Friday, January 27, 2012

Finishes-2012-W4: By the Seat of My Pants...

Welcome!  It has been a couple weeks since I posted a finish, but I figure since I have been working on my baby-growing project, no one minds too much.  Here's an update of my projects...

I have now visited the hospital twice in the past week (we just got home a couple hours ago from trip #2);  I am now in the "early labor" stage which basically means I get the fun of contractions without the progress of getting a child at the end of the round.  They tell me that this will be on-going for perhaps a whole week or more!  Needless to say I will be taking a short break from posting for probably the next couple of weeks or so...

Christmas Advent Calendar:  The stitches have been ripped out and I have started to come up with a plan for FMQ the top.  I should have posted a picture of the back of this project, which was truly dreadful before the stitches were removed!  I had some serious tension issues so there were both tight and loosen threads on the back.

Cowboy Table Topper:  More tiny star parts have been assembled, they need to be squared up before making into tiny stars.  I am hoping this might be a nice project to work at while sitting and resting these next weeks.  This is a project a friend asked me to make so I am eager to get it completed!

Wonky House Block Swap:
My husband gave me the idea of making a wonky igloo instead of the traditional wonky house (he's so clever)!  We are from Alaska, but we did not actually live in an igloo, although you'd be surprised how many people ask us if we have or assumed that we did!  Many of my blocks look similar because each block is going to a different person so I did not get too crazy making them too different so I have only posted 5 completely done so far.  Please check out my Flickr account to see all the blocks that I finished (I will post them as I get each one finished)!

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  1. beauifl quilt my daughter is wanting me to teach her how to make quilt! shes only 6 so i better get in gear and do with her.. im collecting squares to start off with her.. so exciting.! im praying for the best delivery of ur babies! so excited!

  2. Fingers crossed, you have been patient for sooo long another couple of days will soon pass xx

  3. Hi! Oh, wow - I wish you a good delivery experience. :D How exciting, scary, and befuddling waiting for your first child to make their appearance. I really love your igloo block - the aurora is marvelous!

  4. LOVE that block, Shanna! What a great idea to do an igloo. And I love that you added the aurora borealis. Keep resting!

  5. Love the igloo! Wishing you good delivery - take care x

  6. It sounds as though the date is drawing close for you!!!! Happy pushing!

    The igloo block is adorable. That is such a great idea!

  7. I can't wait to see the final results of the project you have been 'baking' the past 9 months. Sending easy labor and delivery vibes your way.

  8. Love the colorful igloo block! Rest while you can.
    Good luck and congrats on the upcoming baby.

  9. Woohoo! You are getting close. You've done well at keeping Ziona baking! I'm thinking goods things for you and your little family!

  10. I took a left at Albuquerque and landed here - just wanted to say how much I love your Igloo block! Fun and unexpected. Thanks for sharing.:)


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