Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W4: My So-called Wonky Life...

My last few weeks have been interesting to say the least; I now know the difference between "practicing" contractions and "real" ones! We found out last week that Ziona lost some of her Amniotic fluids, but the doctor was surprised to note on Friday that not only had she not lost anymore, but that the level rose up to "normal!"  We've also made one more visit to the hospital on Saturday when contractions got to be 20 minutes apart (my husband could not wait for them to be closer).  They gave me something to take for the back pain which also made the contractions stop and then they sent me home.  So I have been resting a lot more than even before.

Christmas Advent Calendar:
The advent calendar was finally put together with the wonky numbered pockets, sandwiched and I started to FMQ the top in a random way.  I had a few problems I encountered however like 1) not enough of the thread I chose for the task, 2) my machine sincerely hates me sending the tension off if I do not use the needle he prefers 3) I am beginning to hate my machine, and finally 4) the stitch looked pretty bad in the end and I couldn't live with it.  I am working on getting all green thread pulled out (almost there) and then I will come up with a plan to get this done and packed away.

Making up Project packs:
I am trying very hard not to start any more projects until April, but there are so many QAL's that I really wish I could be  apart of this Spring.  Instead I am trying to make-up project packs, cutting up the needed fabric into strips, squares, and making sure there is a copy of the instructions in the bag.  I only have a couple made up right now so I will try to show you in a few weeks how far I progress with that!  It does make me feel like I am doing something while actually doing nothing crafty.

Wonky House Block Swap:
On a positive note I have loved playing with my scraps today and planning  out Wonky House Blocks!  I am not the greatest at things described by the word "wonky" but I am trying my best.  My Husband gave me a truly unique idea for our houses (he is my brain these days) that has truly challenged me in my creativeness.  I will post some of my blocks this next week and on my flickr account photostream.  What I love best about this project is that I have been able to use scraps, crumbs, and any other fabrics that catch my eye in my stash!  There is talk of added some additional wonky blocks like trees and such (oh what a cute idea) that I am also hoping to get in on the list for swapping!  You should check out the Flickr group for the swap, truly inspiring.   

My Goals for this week:
1)  Work on Wonky House Blocks
2)  Finish the Cowboy Table Topper
3)  Finish the Advent Calendar
4)  Work on project packs as time and interest allows.
5)  Continue to grow Ziona (ie. "rest" while doing 1-4).

Started in the past 3 weeks:       02
On WIP List this week:              19
On UFO List this week               11
Completed past 3 weeks:           07
Completed this year:                  07
Busted the past 3 Weeks:         11.75
Busted this year:                      11.75
Stashed the past 3 weeks:        14.0
Stashed this year:                     26.0
Net Busted for 2012:               -14.25

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  1. Glad to read the amniotic fluid status!!! Yeah! Not much longer now.

    I think the FMQ looks fine. I can't see the issues you are talking about.

    You will have lots to work on once Ziona is here.

  2. Blogger is driving me crazy, your blog is not showing updates on my blog list. Your blog IS on my blog list. I end up googling you. Bad Blogger!!! Anyway...

    I agree with Needled Mom, you quilting looks fine! Thrilled to hear the Ziona is still baking properly ;). Please take care and keep your feet up!

  3. Shanna, I thought your FMQ looked funky - like writing. The curves are smooth so you've got nice motion. Just keep practicing! Actually, wait until Ziona comes, then practice. :)


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