Wednesday, February 6, 2013

City Weekend Project

"City Weekend, Hmmm"

Have you ever wondered where they get some of the names for the fabric lines?  I am sure it can be found in an interview somewhere on the interweb, but it is much more fun to make up stories and ideas in one's head instead, I should think.  I would share these fantastical stories I have made up for each line I play with, but I wouldn't want it to get back to the designers just in case there is something they might find offensive.  It does however keep me secretly amused as I sew. [laughter]

In progress, auditioning fabrics for joining strips

My lovely husband was good enough to get my computer back up and running (Ie. plug it in) so I could get caught up on Downton Abbey; the keyboard sticks a little but I can survive as long as I have a mouse and a bit of Tissue!  I have been attempting to watch while picking out the mess I made of a  free-motion-quilting stitch I tried to do on this project.  Leah Day I am not, but she assures her faithful followers that with practice and time (and perhaps a lot more practice) one might complete a new stitch she whips out as quick as a dream!

I decided to just wing it and go with a sort of doodle stitch that reminds me of 79.56% of my Public School Education.  Nothing against Public School Teachers, by the way,  I just owe my life to Librarians.  It's just I was often sent off to the Library because I was reading Persuasion while Dick and Jane were running, so I learned early it is easier to just read the textbook and to doodle.   And as usual, I digress.   I have almost decided to keep this quilt for a wall hanging, but we shall see.  My favorite Quilt is almost always the last I have completed or the one I just started!

I plan to connect the bricks on this project using Leah Day's Quilt-As-You-Go Method.  We will have to see if I can get this one done.  I suspiciously hear Bob the Builder chanting in my head, but that might come from having an almost 1 year in the household who likes to repeat things.  I am also focusing on the Scrappy Hearts wall hanging I started about an hour after I got home with the fabric on Saturday.  You can see more about that on my Sunday List HERE.  The fabrics are gorgeous and I am so delighted with how they are going!

I have one last focus this week, which is some labels for two quilts I made last year [see POST].  Since one of them was auctioned off I wanted to wait to make a tag once the Winner was chosen, but someone wanted to buy the twin so I have that one to do as well.  I have been writing tags with a marker as I have seen by many of you out there, but if you go on Clover & Violet you will see tags/signature blocks of a different sort, one I really want to master--the art of embroidery.

Need to clean chalk lines off and then attached to Quilt #2
Fingers got  tired so this is where I am at for this Signature block
I need to cook a turkey tomorrow so hopefully I can get everything finished up and delivered tomorrow night.  Since I keep getting asked about the Turkey I will save you the time from wondering!  I am clearing up room in freezer and fridge for party food for Miss Z's First Birthday.  Plus Lent starts next week so trying to get temptations out of the house!
* Shanna


  1. I was wondering who the new comment was from since it is a "no reply" blogger!!!

    I love how easy Leah makes her designs appear, but I, too, am no Leah Day. Your quilt looks really pretty though.

    Can you believe Lent starts next week? Easter is going to be really early this year.

  2. darling label! and your quilting looks fun.

  3. I don't think your quilting looks a mess. But of course I called my first attempt Chicken Scratch. Perhaps we are harder on ourselves that others would be. I just finished up a twister quilt as well. Aren't those charm sized ones so cute.

  4. How cute. I think the scribbles are too cute.

  5. I love your quilting... it looks effortless and complicated all in one. Perfect!

  6. That's a fun mini you've made. I like the scribbles. :) I'm taking a class on Craftsy right now with Leah Day. She is such an amazing quilter and teacher. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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