Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finishes 7: Fist Full of Lavender

I have been swamped since my early edition of the Friday Night Sew-in on Thursday.  It must be admitted that the light was burning far into the night and I decided in the end to focus on two projects, although progress was made on the Birthday Dress, I actually forgot to take into account one important matter...It is not Miss Z's color!  I wanted an outfit that would look good on her for her birthday pictures in the end I decided that I wanted her to wear one of the lavender purple projects.  The Original Birthday dress certainly will not go to waste, I have a very special little girl in mind for it; she herself will have a  1st birthday herself very soon!

Two + Two Blouse:
Two + Two Blouse:  Front
Two + Two Blouse:  back
Two + Two Blouse:  In Action 
It was so fun to see Miss Z wear the Two + Two Blouse with her pale purple leggings.  With all the people milling about we just knew that she would be wanting to run about from side and side.  It was just perfect for her personality and her wonderful 1st Birthday!

Playdate Dress:

Playdate dress: Front
Playdate dress: Back
Playdate Dress:  The Details
 My husband simply is delighted with this dress and so am I!  Both of these projects have been a long time in coming to completion and it makes me feel amazing to get some more items knocked off my list.  I am still trying so hard not to start projects but I love the variety that working on multiple projects brings me.  If something is not working out on one project then I can put to the side and get as far as I can on another.  For me, it has helped me to get a lot competed because I feel motivated.  I think that things like the Friday Night Sew-In and The Finish-a-long give me the small bursts of motivation I need to get over some of my problem areas.  I am going to admit that I did have a friend who came over and helped me set the finished white Yoke-ish area on the Playdate dress, but I was able to get everything else completed myself.  Now are you looking to make either of these projects, both patterns can be found at Oliver + S pattern company.

I was a little lost on what exactly to do for a First birthday as many of our friends have children who are much older than our darling girl, but a simple celebration is not a bad thing.  Miss Z really did not know what to do with the piece of cake we gave to her so she just dragged her finger from the frosting to her lips.  In the end Daddy had to come teach her how to play with her food as she really did not wish to get dirty!

I also was able to trim up the rest of the blocks for the 4-patch And Squares Quilt, but I will share the updated picture tomorrow!

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  1. SO cute. Happy Birthday Z!!

  2. Oooh, the lavender polka dot is just darling! In cleaning my sewing room this week, I found a partially completely outfits that I started making for my older daughter that will now fit my younger daughter (oops!) so I hear you about finishing up those WiPs! I've not heard of the Friday night sew-in, but I'm always looking for new means of motivation/inspiration!


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