Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh I forgot...

So let me set the scene for you...

This morning, Miss Z was all cozy in her fold-up-chair contraption snacking on her food and watching an episode of her newest favorite show in the world, Callou thanks to Netflix. I was a few feet away at my desk trying to bend my fingers in un-natural directions as I worked out holding the paper-piecing and fabric bits without reaching for the glue, somehow sew everything in the right spot. Meanwhile in my ears, an audible book was being read to me in various voices.  Suddenly, something triggered my brain into remembrance, which for some reason led me to shouting, but it was louder than usual with the ears being occupied which startle Miss Z, greatly upsetting her.  I turned to console her, my kindle flew through the air, narrowly missing her, and the pieces of my project went every which way.  My daughter has taught me the proper way to rub her back in circles when she is upset, I have no idea how she formed a preference, but I guess she has.  I am now sitting here with her tucked in my lap while I write this, her assortment of stuffties, dolls, & carebears are falling out of my lap though cause it certainly is not that big of a lap.  This is Joy....

Now as to what I had suddenly remembered...
I forgot to share with you the birthday Club Mini-quilts for the other two January Birthdays, which were completed and mailed off late unfortunately.  These two projects were already counted in the yardage usage from this past Saturday.

They both measure 11 3/4" X 11 3/4" square.  The first one was a triangle to represent the Trinity with the inner triangles expressing the 6 days of creation.  The second one uses Civil War reproduction fabrics, but I was going for an art deco look.  I wish I had been able to better capture the stitching on that one.  They also both received other bits in their boxes.  After I get through the List from yesterday, I plan to get working on the Next Birthday Buddy which is in March!

Thanks for stopping by!

*\0/* Cheers


  1. They are both very nice. But the second one is so unique. Love the colors and design.

  2. Great projects, Shanna. I like the Trinity one.

    Thank heavens little Miss Z was consoled. I can only imagine the scene that must have made.

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