Friday, June 3, 2011

The challenge returns & My First Quilting Bee!

Its Back!  Another month and Ruby Slipperz started another round of the challenge to finish more projects!  My last month was very slow on the numbers as I have been slowly working on my recovery as well.  I was able to finish 6 projects (although I forgot to send the last two in for a ticket to win, oh well) and of course in typical fashion I started many more.

I participated in my first online Quilting Bee!  I received the news on March 2nd that I had been accepted in a newly formed group at Margaret's Hope Chest.  She assembles, makes, quilts, (enter in other sewing/quilting type terms here) and distributes quilts to charities.  I suggest you check out the work going on at her website, it is pretty amazing stories.  Well I finished my two blocks for the first Quilt I signed up for and I am hoping to have them in the mail by next week.  The blocks are based on the PS I Quilt’s Block O’ Strings Block tutorial and quite fun to make actually.  I learned a little tip from the tutorial that will continue on for the rest of my quilting/sewing endeavors! 

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