Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project 6: Craft Room is Finished!

Small scraps are stored at the very top by color; the small drawers hold working projects, & tools, the bigger drawers hold half-finished projects, finished projects & random scrap strips; below that the long tubs hold fabric from fat quarter sized to 1.5 yard cuts by color; on the wall above my cutting station hangs the Memory quilt for my babies; below that is my two sewing machines & a basket of scraps to sort; under the shelf is a blue bin to sort fabrics & finally my purple tub where I store larger pieces.

In the corner is a dresser where embellishments and finished knitting projects are stored; 5-inch or "charm" squares are kept in the bottom of the clear drawer, while the top two drawers have my sash of Sandy Gervais fabrics;  the table along the wall folds out to an impressive work table; I plan to use the light colored desk for my painting and non-sewing crafting; and finally,  the white board will go on the wall above the desk.

This is the view you will see when you look in from the doorway.  The brown shelf in the corner holds all of my scrapbook supplies; basket on top holds more scraps to sort; the darker brown desk in front of the window is where I plan to do most of my sewing; and a comfortable chair to sit in for relaxing or perhaps reading a book!
Having finally finished those baby shoes, I decided that my Craft room would be the final project I would complete for the Finish Your Project Challenge (click on the picture on the right side of my blog for more information).  I wanted to get this completed before my friend comes over tomorrow morning for some mending help.  I am pretty proud of this accomplishment, especially since the rest of my apartment looks absolutely wonderful as well!


  1. that's beautiful shanna! we'll have to drop by your place to visit sometime! :)
    -grace g

  2. Thank you! We can have some tea and give Sophie something to shake or make noises; I know she'll be happy then.


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