Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My craft room: Reality needs a make-over

This is a very nice little room.  This office used to be our bedroom, but when we had found out we were having twins we quickly started making plans for this to be their room.  When I miscarried our babies my husband decided he would make this room a craft room for me.  His parents drove down and helped him get it arranged.  Boy do I need to organize!  On the fold out table (first picture above) I have some of the projects on my list for the FYPC contest.  I was trying to figure out which ones I want to tackle first tomorrow. 

So lately my stuff has started to creep out from their hiding places.  Most of my fabric was in containers like the big purple tub tucked in under the second desk.  They are great tubs, but they are not ideal when looking for a particular piece of fabric; this was noticed when stacks of fabric began appearing under the table. Fabric will be sorted by size; Large (Bulk yardage will go into a trunk), medium and small pieces by color (clear containers on the black shelf), and scraps (clear containers with by color dwelling under the fold out table).  When we originally planned this area the table was folded away, but it is almost always open these days since it is great for me to spread out the fabric of my 50"X50" quilts when I am spray basting them together.  This causes a problem since it blocks a part of the entrance.  We are hoping to get this room rearranged to allow for a better entrance, plus I can then closed the door to my mess!  Consider these the "before" pictures, if we get to an "after" I will post those to you as well.  Tonight I will leave you with a link to a post that is truly inspiring on Stash Manicure's blog.  My deep love for fabric is barely greater than my love for containers.  Consequently, I go back to the post at least once a week to drool...

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