Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leona's Quilting Adventures gives away a Go! Baby & 3 dies!

Do you ever see something and drool? Like the cartoons where the character's eyes go big and pop out of their head and their heart thumps in their chest; yeah that is me. I am in love with a pretty piece of machinery and we've never met. I have poured over the chart on the Accuquilt website so many times trying to justify the cost of simplifying my life. Well today, I find out that another blog, Leona's Quilting Adventures is giving away one of the Go! Baby fabric cutting machines and three dies. And I wanted to tell everyone about it! To find more about the give away and learn how you can enter the drawing, Check out her site!

I am off to finish a quilt today (I hope!) that I have been working on for many weeks. I used to be able to whip these Quilts out in a couple of days, but (enter in cool looking french phrase here), that's life! Adieu!

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