Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 2: In Memory of my Children

I may not hold my own children in my arms, but I have held many of yours. I have taken care of many children over the years, picked them up off the ground, soothed their anguished cries, fed them taught them, entertain them, and cheered them on. I have loved them. And today I realized that although my children are not living or growing, I am still a mother too.

About a week after we lost the children, I picked this fabric out (with the help of my Mother-in-law) to a make a quilt in their memory. I used 1 charm pack(fresh flowers), 1 jelly roll (fresh flowers), 1 yard of yellow print fabric, and 1.5 yards of the Smiling flower green fabric that is from the same line of fabrics as the charm squares and Jelly roll fabrics. To be honest in the beginning I had no plan what this quilt was going to look like. I just started pinning "Thangles" to my jelly strips and hoped for the best. I started by making some star blocks and while doing that I figured out that the same pieces also make a heart block as well. The slashing is solid Red Cotton used also for the back and for the binding. I stitched the quilt using an abstract flower stitch that I made up as I went along. This Quilt is big enough for a lap at 50"X50". For now I plan to hang it on the wall of my craft room.


  1. Beautiful, Shanna. You're still in my prayers.

  2. Shanna- the quilt is beautiful what a wonderful idea to make a memory quilt. The pattern turned out wonderful! You are a special Mom with so much love to give. God bless you and Tim!

  3. I loved reading this Shanna. I will be praying for you...I hear you loud and clear!


  4. and then there were 3 as in followers...ME lol
    listen your quilts are just lovely...I think you have a terrific eye for color and blending...way to go my dear Shanna...

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. This quilt is beautiful and a wonderful way to honor those sweet little ones.


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