Sunday, May 1, 2011

And in this corner: A challenge!

My dear fabric friends! It has been a month since i have posted on my blog. It was my intention to have quite the list of finish projects as well as posts to this site. however, I have been recovering from Viral Meningitis, which has left me quite weak. When I last left you in March I had 4 finish quilt tops pieced but waiting to be quilted, several pairs of half finished baby shoes, blocks assembled but not put into a finished quilt top, pieces cut for making new blocks, various random projects I am finding half-finished through my crafty years, and items I started for our own children when I was pregnant with our twins.

Recently I came across a blogging site ( with a challenge I longed to be a part of: Finish as many projects as you can in two weeks and each item you finish will be a ticket for a drawing for a prize of a $30 shopping spree from one of my favorite online Quilt fabric stores. Well at the time I was so weak I was not even sitting up yet, but recently I find that she has extended the challenge until the end of MAY!

So as I am working on my recovery, I am taking up the challenge! I will post here on my blog every time I am able to complete a project. You should consider taking up the challenge too! For more details, just check out this link:


  1. I hope you are feeling better and I look forward to seeing more projects :D

  2. Oh! I am sooo excited to see the FYPC button! How cool is that? Thank YOU!


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