Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Mother's Love: Blogger's Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival this month; be sure to check her icon to see the other quilts entered in this year's group!  Voting will open in a few days...(I am #309 if you like my quilt, either way, be sure to check out all the beautiful projects entered this year!)...

It has been a year since I first shared my quilt which I've called, A Mother's Love.  I Can't begin to imagine what this year would have held even if I had been told.

Last year we lost our triplet babies; the first at 12 weeks, and then the other 2 three weeks later.  I was pretty overwhelmed and yet I wanted to find a way to honor their memories even though I will not meet them in this world.  When I was at the quilt shop I was given a brochure advertising a contest to make a quilt top that used 1 jelly roll, 1 charm square pack, and up to 2 yards of other material.  This is the design that I came up with, although in the end I did not enter it in the contest, when it was completed I felt like I had won something in my own heart.

I worked at the quilt on and off for several months and yet every time I tried to complete it, my heart was heavy and I folded it away in disgust with myself.  In April of last year I contracted meningitis which made it impossible to work, but I was able to spend short amounts of time sitting on the couch at a table to piece some of the parts together; before I knew it, I had completed all of the top besides the sashing I added later.   I could see the goal in sight and suddenly I made the goal to myself  to have the quilt completed by mother's day 2011.

A couple days before the due date I finally had everything pieced, spray basted together and had only to add the quilt stitching.  I went with a swirling flower design that I randomly came up with in my head.  The quilt was finished and bound just before the goal I had set out for myself.

A month later we would find out that I was pregnant again.  This past February I gave birth to our precious daughter, Ziona.  I still am trying to figure out the best quilt design to honor this wonderful miracle that was given to us.  What I learned about myself was that sometimes I do my best work when I have not planned everything out.  I let my heart lead on this project and for now, it remains my favorite quilt that I have ever made.


  1. Your loss is heartbreaking and I thank you for sharing it.

    I think the quilt is a beautiful way to remember... Your daughter is a sweetheart!

  2. Bless you. I believe quilting helps the heart to heal so we can go on. Your daughter is beautiful.

  3. Great job with the quilt, Shanna! Once again, I'm amazed at the power of doing something creative to help heal. :)

  4. What a heartfelt story.and beautiful ending.

  5. Such a happy quilt! Its inspiring to hear how quilting helps healing. Your new little one is so beautiful. Enjoy mommyhood.

    Happy Quilt Festival.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Lovely quilt, I loved seeing it.

  7. Sweet!

    Check out my blog if you can...

    Margaret Gunn

  8. It is a wonderful way to remember the triplets. The quilt has such a special meaning and will be cherished for years.

    I suppose Ziona is keeping you too busy to quilt much these days. ;)

    1. Packing is keeping me busy! I am already eager to get moved and open up my boxes!

  9. what a sweet, poignant story. my daughter suffered a couple miscarriages. i know it is such a hard thing to experience! how wonderful you've been able to have sweet ziona! darling quilt and thanks for sharing. have a great day.


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