Thursday, October 25, 2012

8 months...

Dear Ziona,I know they say a thousand times how fast time flies when you have children, but I really never understood until now.  Just yesterday I awoke to be handed your hungry little form.  A feeling washed over me that is simply indescribable.  We waited what felt like forever to have you and it is such a joy to see you grow, laugh and learn.  From the different foods your 7 teeth are nibbling on, to the books you lovingly turn pages, to the moments you laugh and look over to me in pure delight; These are the snapshots I will treasure forever.

Love Mommy

a few minutes after you were born

A couple days ago you took your first wobbly steps from your walker to the sliding glass door all on your own

You were so excited to pet your first pumpkin

Grandma sent you new clothes in the mail; you especially had fun touching them.

Your favorite new toy this month was a box.  No you may not go with the traveling stash box...

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  1. Adorable! She would look awfully cute popping out of the traveling stash box, LOL.


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