Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orphan Train Baby Quilt #1

I did not manage to post anything on Friday for the 3rd week of TGIFF's October Quest, but I hoping to make up for that this week!
The Front of this 40" X 40" quilt made with leftover blocks from other projects

The back

I am extremely please with how this quilt turned out, especially when I consider that it was assembled from leftover blocks or parts of blocks from former projects.  I made up a star stitching pattern, copied it onto other pieces of thin paper that my FIL gave me last year.  It's the paper they put between the plates they use for printing a newspaper (He's the news paper's pressman), I don't know what it is exactly but it's better than freezer paper or tissue paper!  I pinned those to the blank cream blocks to keep the lines straight.  The thread is a tealish color that I had left over and I am trying to completely get rid of thread from old projects.  I want to eventually switch over almost completely to Connecting Thread's thread which has been a dream to stitch with.

A close-up of the star stitch and meandering stitch used in between.

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  1. Beautiful, Shanna! Great job with the quilting too! The TGIFF! parties from earlier this month are open for the whole month of October so you can link up to any of them, if you like. :)

  2. It came out beautiful! Love the entire thing. I made the thread switch a while back and I am SO happy with it!


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