Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seeing Yellow...

It's Late...Very late in fact, but I cannot sleep.  I decided to go ahead and post pictures of my finished 2nd Brick Pathway Quilt since I finished hand-sewing the binding tonight.  I abandoned this project when I made the Forest Floor Quilt for the school fundraiser instead of this one (You can see that one HERE).  Another quilt is needed for a quilt raffle at our church for a music Endowment (I am so super excited about this!!!).  Since the colors work for the fundraiser I am showing them both quilts to see which one they like.  Although I would make a completely different quilt if they want me to since I am so happy to see my husband be able to participate in choir this year and play his Violin.  Music gives him so much joy and he deserves that with all that he does.  He is taking 12 credits graduate level at 2 different seminaries as well as working full time (thankfully he loves his job) while taking his roles as father and husband seriously.  Anyways, on to the pictures!!

Brick Pathway Quilt #2:  Back

Brick Pathway Quilt #2:  Front

Brick Pathway Quilt #2:  Front & Back details

Just in case you don't remember the first Quilt I will share those pictures as well.  The fabrics are similar with a few changes, plus the back on one has a little more detailing pattern.

Brick Pathway Quilt #1:  Front

Brick Pathway Quilt #1:  Back

Brick Pathway Quilt #1:  Front Details

Brick Pathway Quilt #1:  Back Details

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  1. Looks awesome! Not usually a fan of yellow, but this totally let's me see where yellow can work very well!

    1. You know I was never a fan up until a couple of years a go I started collecting FQ's in those colors for a still future quilt! Now I am seeing the combo in fabric lines all on their own.

  2. I totally stole this idea and made a simlar one for my sister. I love the mix of yellow with grey & black.

    1. That is so sweet! I tossed back and forth the idea of making one of these quilts for my baby girl, but I just cannot settle on a design! So I am starting a series of projects in the beginning of the year with those colors in the effort to find items for her room.


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