Friday, October 18, 2013

Art Therapy

I have the border complete on yesterday's project, it's been folded and put on a higher shelf for the next process.  It's so close to completion, why don't I finish it you might ask.  I simply don't feel like it today and I might not feel like it tomorrow.  

The last couple of months have been very hard for me and yet I have heard this background music before.  I really do have the most amazing and selfless Mother-in-law, who as soon as she had learned that I was pregnant and would possibly be put on bed rest she made plans to come stay with us for many weeks.  When we miscarried, I felt shaken, but to my utter amazement we were told that we still carried another babe.  A couple weeks ago we got the phone call that we would lose this babe as well.  Through it all, my MIL has cared for everything including my precious Miss Z.

Miss Z, Chicken and her Ducky in bad lighting
My husband has been encouraging me to do different forms of art to help me get through this time.  You may just see my paintwork, painful as that might be for you, lol..  Simply put, I have decided to work on whatever might interest me even if it might leave a pile of WIP's in its wake, it doesn't really matter right now.  I am not going to stress out about deadlines or linking to a party or anything like that.  Don't get me wrong, I like completing items, I love linking up a finish at a slew of sites, but I might have to delay that.  Yeah I submitting my overly massive WIP list the other day for the Fourth Quarter of the Finish along, but I figure during this process some of those items will get worked on, so it didn't hurt to put everything on the list.

The photo above is a project I started well I am not exactly sure when I started it, but it interests me so I thought I would drag it out and play with it.  I have finally connecting all the pieces so they are each rows, I will connect the rows next and then start auditions for border choices.  I was think a nice wide border, but I am being tempted by thoughts of a narrow inner border. 

We shall see where this dabbling takes me. 
*\o/* Cheers


  1. these are the times we need family support around us xx
    I think it is best to concentrate on those projects that interest you .. you never know you may finish one x and if not then just love your family and work on your daughter who is your most important work in progress xx take care x

  2. Oh shanna I'm so sorry. You do what you love whenever you feel like it and i completely agree with Diane xxx

  3. I can't begin to know how difficult this has been for you, Shanna. Take your time. Your MIL has been amazing help for you.

    Ziona is so cute!!! You two will have so much fun creating together.

  4. You just take care of yourself. Don't worry about finishing anything. I don't even think of finishes. If I get one that's great too. I just sew on whatever I feel like for my own relaxation. You are blessed to have such a wonderful MIL. Take care!


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