Friday, October 25, 2013

Are We There Yet?

So I made some progress on organizing my sewing area.  Well, its not quite perfect yet, but I am still getting there.  So I am going to show you the really terrible before pictures, I promise you that I didn't add the extra clutter just for the photos.  I am really embarrassed at the mess so just bare with me as I will get it all prettied up soon (with Awesome Hubby's help of course!).

The Shelf Area--Master bedroom

The Hutch area--Master Bedroom

The Desk Area--Master Bedroom

Storgae Bins area--Miss Z's Room
As you can see, I have let the clutter overrun all areas of our Master bedroom as well as parts of Miss Z's Bedroom, oh how naughty Mommy's been.  I saw several posts this past summer where people cleaned-up their craft rooms and that is what inspired me, well that and that I like things organized!  My goal is to get as much of my crafting stuff all in one place as I can possible make it.  Well, I have stayed up too late tonight, I must be off to bed!

*\o/* Cheers

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  1. I would hate to show a picture of my sewing stuff. It does have a way of taking over our living space.

  2. Good for you, baring it all! Cant wait to see inside some of those bins!

  3. Your sewing stuff looks a lot like mine! I feel like I'm always tidying it up but as soon as my back is turned it has invaded the whole house again :)


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