Sunday, January 5, 2014


"Poley" & Miss Z at 2 months old
Tonight was one of those nights...we drove 45 minutes over to a friend & family's house for dinner and a night of fellowship.  I really haven't gotten out much lately so I was jumping around like a child on Christmas morning with excitement.  The road was a bit bumpy and I could hear my daughter saying "WEEEEEEE" In the backseat as we weaved along the roads.  AND just like an amusement park ride, the moment we arrived in a standstill position (ie. their driveway), my daughter threw up all over herself, the carseat and well...everything.  

I probably should have felt mortified, but I couldn't help but laugh instead.  You know what?  My simple laughter and smiles made my baby girl feel okay instead of scared if I had been cross about the situation.  There are just things one cannot control and you know, it's okay, really.  Thankfully, I had thought to pack a set of PJ's for the ride home so she had something to wear while her clothes and prize blanket was washing and drying.  For some reason I had even packed her "Poley" which is her stuff polar bear, which I never do, but it was perhaps a little Godsend.  We simply had a marvelous (I just love that word!) time AND best of all, their daughter re-invited herself to babysit sometime soon!  

So it is rather late in the middle of the night once more as I am still a bit jittery!  I am especially excited because I have been working on my Blog Hop projects and I just cannot wait to share them with you!!!  I wish you could have a sneak peek; you will just have to wait until Tuesday for that!  I can give you a little hint that my fabrics are...solids!  HaHa!  Okay, everyone's fabrics are such actually which is again making me very excited to see what the other's on the Day One Team have completed as well, but I guess I will have to wait as well.  I probably should get tucked in and garner for myself a little sleep.

*\0/* Cheers

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  1. It sounds like you did have a "marvelous" time...good for you! Whoohoo for The Kona blog hop!


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