Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stash Report 2014-Week 2

My Plan is to post my Stash Reports on Saturdays each week.  I forgot to post this picture for the end of 2013 post, of some fabric I picked up three weeks ago at my LQS end of year sale, so although I am including the picture for sharing sake, it is not counting on my 2014 totals.  I am also trying to include a picture of my stash Cubicles (below) each week as I am still in the process of ironing and organizing all that I currently have on hand.  I do not think everything will fit in the two units I have purchased thus far, we may need to go back for a third unit!

Used This Week:  -2 3/4 yards
Used Year To Date:   -2 3/4 yards
Added this week:  +0 Yards
Added Year To Date:  +0 Yards
Net Used For 2014:  -2 3/4 yards

I decided that I am turning WIP Wednesdays into Woman IProcess Wednesdays.  I like what Stitchery Dickory Dock wrote on the First of this year about being more intentional in all aspect of one's life!  I plan to be more intentional in using the fabrics I have been given or bought in my projects.  I am not going to swear that I won't purchase fabric this year, after all I have my eye on a certain line of fabric for my birthday, but I will try to be more proactive about using what I do already own.

*\o/* Cheers

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  1. I like that way of thinking much better. I know I could never promise to buy no new fabric for the year.

  2. Ummmm...could I come shopping in your cubicles?

  3. Shanna! Your fabric is beautifully organized! It looks amazing in those cubicles! Where did you get them if I may ask?

  4. I love your idea to track your "to date" usage and purchase of fabric. I too am suffering from an increasingly smaller storage area. It's amazing how big it was to start out and how quickly it fills up. Knowing how much I'm actually using could be a great defense if needed when I purchase more stash. BTW, My daughter's name is Shanna, I can assume you were both born around the same time and were named after a certain book! I read somewhere that "Shana" with one less N, means "The Beautiful" . I recently found your blog and find it very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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