Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woman In Process Wednesday

I've decided that this year I will make progress with more than just fiber-arts, I want to make changes in myself as well.  I am taking part in the 2014 Sugar Block Club, and along with January's block came Amy's very personal self-reflection.  From her out-pouring there was something that just clicked in me; it made me realize that I wanted to focus changing things about myself.  I started my blog 3 years ago to help me work through the loss of triplets.  Focusing on quilting and throwing myself into my creative brain has helped me more than you can imagine, but I am now ready to move beyond that.  I I am ready to stop existing, I am ready to thrive!  This month the theme is "Be Intentional" and I plan to do fully that.  So what does that look like?

1.  Have more tea parties.  I want my daughter to remember me when she grows up.  I can teach her to count just as easily with tea cakes as with flash cards.

2.  Read and watch more things that will make me laugh.  I used to be fun and energetic, but I have gotten so serious.  I plan to read books for simple enjoyment.

3.  I plan to buy this orange chair or something like it this year.  My favorite comfy chair broke last week after we have had it for 5.5 years.  We have been saying for two years now that we will buy  a couch, since that has not happened yet we are now down to one living room chair!  In the meantime, I plan to make a couple more floor pillows.

4.  Make a couple more floor pillows! (see above)

What do you plan to be more Intentional about in 2014?

*\0/* Cheers

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  1. sounds like a plan to me x you HAVE to at least like yourself bfore you begin the journey of loving yourself xx SO go girl and statr making it happen xx

  2. My main goal in 2014 is to lose the weight that I have been carrying around for far too long. I am serious about it to the extent that I'm publicly posting my weight loss ( or if I'm naughty, weight gain) each Wednesday, along with how many miles I have walked that week. I am starting my 2nd week now; I walked 7 miles last week and lost 2 pounds. But I also have many quilting goals, too.


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