Monday, December 26, 2011

Basting Day: "I'm Stuck Like Glue..."

Welcome to Basting Day!  I am a woman of the modern century  who enjoys every short cut to my projects I can muster without sacrificing quality, so I have fully embraced the spray basting process.  However, I will also walk you through the old fashion process as well, with hopefully a few tips that might help in the process.

Items to have on hand before beginning:
1.  A basting spray
2.  Breathing mask
3.  Blue painter's tape
4.  A Lint roller (clean surface of fuzz)
5.  Goo-be-gone (clean off stickiness)
6.  Empty cardboard tube or fabric bolt cardboard (makes for a smoother transfer)
7.  Batting cut one inch bigger than project
8.  Backing fabric cut 3 inches bigger than project, even if pieced together
9.  Curved safety pins (optional)

There are several ways you can go through this process.  In the picture I chose to first add my batting to my top, then after rolling it back onto the cardboard tubing I added my top/batting to the backing fabric.  You can pick up these cardboard tubes for fabric stores that sell home decor fabric--often for free.

Learn from my fail:  I would like to tell you several pitfalls to this method so that you can have a happy harmonious basting day (or at least a better one than my started out to be before I thought to use tape)!  First, you will notice that nothing is taped down. That is a very important thing to note because as you will see in the second example of basting a little bit later, this stops your backing fabric to avoid the dangers of shifting while you are adding fabric and spraying.  Secondly, the thicker the item is on the cardboard that you are applying, the slower you will need to go to smooth out the fabric and to constantly watch to make sure your application of said project is even.

I want to cover more step to Step details with the next installment,where I am going to continue by showing a step by step of how I prepare every thing before hand.  So gather your items and meet back up with me tomorrow.

In honor of Basting day (part 1) I have a video to share!  A friend showed this one to me; I love how the video interprets the song a whole different way...

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