Monday, July 16, 2012

5 months...

Plopping Ziona down in the chair I ran to the other side of the room to quickly grab the camera.  When I turned this was how she was sitting, ready for her picture to be taken.  Someone gave me some sleeveless onesies (brilliant) and that super-cute skirt (which I have to make my own version), both in size 12 months, that I had to dig out because my baby girl had outgrown ALL her clothes!

A couple weeks ago I heard a frustrated little voice (not wanting to take a nap), cry out "mama" over the monitor, and my heart simply melted.  She has since added the words "baby," "daddy," "baba" and the phrase "oh yeah" which until then I had no idea we say to her all day long!  She loves to chatter while adding in her raised eyebrows every so often and tonal inflection that makes me thinking she is having lots of conversations with her "baby" that she is so attached to right now.

She is also fascinated by the sound of the sewing machine.  I have been putting her on my lap while I have been working on the Summersalt Asterisk Quilt.  I wonder if some day she shall become a sewer and/or a quilter...

Ziona has fallen in love with her "baby" a bunny head & arms attached to a swatch of blanket.


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