Friday, July 13, 2012

"Get Set..."

Storage possibilities are endless
It has been a year since I first contracted Meningitis, I thought surely by now I would have recovered from the symptoms.  However, with the heat often named above a hundred here in Texas I am constantly plagued by  symptoms.  Running back and forth during projects has simply worn me out.

My husband has been doing some research, realizing my recovery may take a long time, he has challenged me to change my current crafting arrangements.  Recently I saw someone's post (Sorry I cannot remember who that was, speak up if that was you) with pictures of what their crafting area REALLY looks like!  They challenged others to do the same, so here we go...

Master Bedroom--Where I sew on the desk (Drawers on left contain WIPS)

Living Room--Where I press (We have the books unpacked, just haven't put pictures in the frames).

Dining Room--Where I cut (There are thoughts that some day we will actually eat at the table)

Ziona's Room--Where I store (Yes She is taking a nap while I take this picture; bags on top contain her diaper stuff)
Perhaps you can see why my husband might think a rearrangement might be a good idea!  The goal is to actually get my sewing, pressing, cutting, and designing all in to the Master Bedroom so I can shut the door and work without distraction (I am like a squirrel all fluttering around).  Now, it will be impossible to contain everything in the one location, but I do have thoughts that I would like to put curtains with Velcro and/or magnets on the black shelf in Ziona's room (also some on the windows) to hide all my storage.

Speaking of storage, this picture is of the closet in Ziona's bedroom.  Its quite a nice size and is pretty much full of boxes, some of which are craft items, that I would like to sort.  I have a few boxes pulled out (Like those sitting in the living room in the first photo) that contain scraps and fabric, which of course is useful, but in the way.

Tonight I will be taking out time to participate in Friday Night Sew-in, so I will be posting my finishes for the week along with whatever else I accomplish on tomorrow's post.

For those who sell quilted items, there will a "finished quilts" auction added to Top Hatter for Thursday 12 noon USA Central time (I think internationals are welcome)!  It's an interesting concept in selling as it is a live auction.  It's certainly fun to watch the online proceedings.  I have bought a few items from the site but I have yet to sell anything.  If anyone ends up joining the auction, let me know what you think, if they add further finished quilts auctions I may sell some of my quilts.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much space the crafting stuff takes up? I was never able to get it all in one room until the kids were out of the house.

  2. I must have seen the same post somewhere because I was inspired to organize too! I really love your 'craft item' that is fast asleep in the one picture! My 'babies' are 13, 15, 15, 26, and 29 right now!

    Love it!


  3. great to see the playpen in the craft room, that's EXACTLY what I'm planning to do soon, a new baby is NOT going to slow down my quilting habit (addiction) ha ha


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