Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finishes 29: "In This Moment..."

Welcome to my finish of the week!  I am certainly not working nearly as fast as I did last year, but the process is still very enjoyable.

This is my Asterisk quilt using Free Spirit's Summersault fabric line.  The quilt top currently measures about 43"X 43" and I think it is ready to be put in my pile of finished quilt tops, but I am tempted to make it a bit bigger transforming it from baby quilt to lap quilt size.  If I do that, what color should I add on the outside edge/sashing?  What do you think is a good color choice for binding for either direction (adding sashing or keeping it the same)?  [this block is taught in the FREE Craftsy Block of the Month Class]

This is where I am at with my summer games Quilt.  I am so excited that I was able to get these squares completed this week!  I am just struggling on what to do to tie them together.  What do you think of the dark blue with dots material?  Does it work in between the blocks?  Should I move the block on their sides like diamonds?  More to do today, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I really like the jeweled colored top. Very pretty and a great pattern. I might add a scrappy border using the same fabrics, but it would look great without too. My go to color for the binding would be lime green!!!

    I would like to see what the RW&B blocks look like set on point. I always like the on point quilts.

  2. Summersault!! I haven't seen much of it around. I'm currently making In Color Order's HST BOM with it. Asterisks look great!

  3. Your asterisk quilt is wonderful, and I would add a 2" border of one of the colors in the blocks - personally, I'd go with a red/pink/orange but a blue/green would be equally lovely - and then a wider (maybe 6"?) border of your background fabric. That would take it to about 59 or 60 inches, a very respectable size for a lap quilt. Then I'd use scraps in the colors of your blocks to bind it with.

    Whoop whoop!!!

  4. WOW that astrisk quilt turned out fabulous! LOVE IT!! congrats on great finishes!!!

  5. Love the asterisk quilt too! I would go with a scrappy border using the colors in the quilt.

  6. Love your asterisk quilt, Shanna!


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