Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Missing Finish

Photo by Lisa Francis

Photo by T. Greene
I have been working on transferring pictures from old computers, old phones, and old memory cards recently.  It is with a sigh of relief that I am finding beautiful pictures of my daughter the day she was born, the proofs from the photographers that requested for her to sit for them the first week she was born and lastly pictures of a dress I pattern-tested for the sweetest designer this last Spring.  I feel like preserving the picture memories of my daughter are more fragile to grasp, like the delicate strings of a spider's web, since she will be an only child I want to cherish every moment of her life.  I won't go too crazy following her around every minute she breathes, but I will probably take a lot of pictures!  I will probably make her a lot of clothes, especially as she loves her twirly dresses!

THE Missing Finish
Along with Miss Z's Baby pictures, I found pictures of a dress I pattern tested in May.  The designer Melissa Stramel designs for little girls in mind under the company of Lilac Lane.

The Hopscotch dress before I added the waist draw string.

The Dress with the waist drawstring in place.

You can't tell from the other pictures, but the dress comes to just under the knees.

Another cute picture of the dress!

Close-up of the sleeve

Close-up of the waist and the pockets

The last photo is of an active Miss Z with one of her Godmothers.  I made my version in all solids, however the pattern directions plan for the use of several fabrics that strip across the dress, I plan to do that next.  My main reason for going all with one fabric instead of the strips of fabrics, was because I wanted to test the other construction bits.  I wasn't sure at first if i was going to like the elastic at the neck and on the sleeves, but it makes it one of my favorite dresses to have Miss Z wear when we would go out to eat because I knew her clothes would stay in place even as she moves around!

 Have any of you used patterns by Lilac Lane?  What are your thoughts?  There are a couple other patterns I really want to make for Miss Z, but I also have a pile of Oliver + S to tempt me!  There are so many good designers out there right now for children's clothes!  I have several other pieces of clothing I plan to share with you before too long as Miss Z is out-growing everything including the Hopscotch dress pictured above!

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  1. What a sweetie. They do grow up so fast. My baby girl came to visit me today. She's 40. I still remember her being so tiny.....well she is still tiny, but very much grown up with her own daughter who is turning 15 this week going on 40.

  2. Such sweet pictures of Miss Z!!! The dress did turn out so nicely. I have tested patterns for Melissa too.

  3. Aww, thanks so much for sharing. She is a doll.


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