Thursday, November 28, 2013

Really Random Expressions of My Little Sparrow.

Happy Thanksgiving for all the Americans reading out there!  It's a day to think about all the things we are thankful for, but also to appreciate them.  Having lost 7 children, I am constantly thankful for the miracle of my daughter, my Little Sparrow.  So this week is dedicated to her and her goofy expressions, she is a really ham!

"Mommy, really?  Why the hat?"

"What chocolate?"

"I am a tiger! ROAR!" (We were at the Zoo on the tram)

"Yum! Root Vegetables and yogurt, such genius!"

" does this compare to the original apple, apple...interesting."
Here are a couple strange quarks she has:
"I was lonely in timeout."

"Mommy, I sleep better when I have my favorite things around me."
*\0/* Cheers

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  1. I love the "roaring" picture. She is so precious. I am glad she saved room in her bed for her.


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