Saturday, November 16, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Greetings!  I had a blast working in my craft room for Friday Night Sew-In all this past night; I will put together a post a little later today after I have had coffee and perhaps breakfast, of what I actually accomplished.  I was up in the middle of the night, could not sleep, so figure that since I was up, it was technically morning, I should go ahead to click the button for the winners of the traveling stash boxes!

[I am using, but I am not posting pictures of the drawings, it will take too long to figure out, especially in this sleepy state, so please just trust me on this one!]

Winner of  Box #1 is:
#5--Jennifer who said:  Wow! Thank you for contacting me! Yes, I would most definitely be interested in casting my name into the drawings.  All the boxes look fabulous, so please put my name into the box(es) of your choice.

Winner of  Box #3 is: (updated 11/22/2013)
#2--Sue who said:  Hi Shanna! Put My name in for Box #1 (She later amended it by saying to throw her name in the hat for all the boxes)

Winner of  Box #5 is:
#13--Hilary who said: Oh I would love any of the boxes!

Winner of  Box #6 is:  (updated 11/22/2013)
UNKNOWN--New winner has been contacted.

Thank you all who entered in for a chance to have a  box visit you.  If you did not win, please check out the winners' blogs for their giveaway in the next week or so!  I am shipping the boxes out as soon as I get mailing addresses, they are already boxed up and ready to go, so they should get to their new blog spot by next weekend.  In fact the LQS closes about 5pm so I would be more than happy to take a trip out there with the boxes today-They happen to be our local mailing spot!  You can keep up with the journeys of the traveling stash boxes by going to Katie's page HERE.

"I hope my International followers will stop by Sunday for the start their giveaway!" she said sheepishly.

Okay I am going back to bed, see you guys a little later with an update!
*\0/* Cheers,

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