Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Belated Birthday Gift.

This little centerpiece/table runner was started in the spring for my favorite Mother-in-law's birthday (yes, yes my only mil) which was in July.  I sent it off to her with some pieces that she requested I make, but I forgot to finish something in the back as well as tagging my work.  One of my favorite bloggers really opened up my eyes to the importance of tagging one's work.  It doesn't take much time before you forget the details of when, where and who made an item.  My husband has a baby quilt that no one in the family made for him, so no one remembers where exactly it came from.  For many years he thought it was from his grandmother, but although a wonderful seamstress in her own right she did not make it, so it still remains a mystery to this day!  Check out Julie at Jaybird Quilts, especially her Tutorial 1 & Tutorial 2 for getting your own labels made for you!

This will be sent off to my MIL with some more requested items and Christmas presents for family.  I only have 3 more Christmas presents to finish for family this year (I started early, had most of the bought items purchased months ago).  I am most excited about my two niece's presents this year, hopefully they like them (& hopefully I get them done)!  Now off to do some laundry; my goal is one load a day for the next 4 days until it is done.  I will post my update on my stash report/project later today after more ironing of fabric!


  1. I am currently also working on a Christmas gift to match using the same colors and fabrics!

  2. Lovely! I love the colors you used. :o)


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