Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More news from Babyland & Baby Name Contest Round 1 begins!

It has been an interesting week in babyland!  I had some contractions on Sunday, so I called the Doctor on Monday, had an appointment that afternoon whereby he sent me to the hospital for observation.  I was seen by a Grey's Anatomy like resident (tagalong in tow) who informed me that I was mistaken because I was no longer having any signs of contractions and sent me home.

It also happen to be the day my husband forgot his cell phone at home so I had to send him an email at work and hope he got the message.  He comes running in the room towards the end of my stay, out of breath, clearly shaken up.  Two good things to note, a) No restrictions were added to my list, and b) we got to check out what a room is like at the hospital where Nugette will be born!  Timothy and I were quite impressed by the accommodations; they even have a pull out couch for my husband when we come back in about 15-17 more weeks.  On another happy note, we went for an another ultrasound today where we got great news that our Baby is right on target to be born 4 months from today (give or take a week or two, depending on how she is feeling about it). We home to scann and add more pictures soon.

So without further ado, we are ready to announce our baby-naming contest!  We will be holding it on my husband's blog, you can go to his post today for the rules and clues to the contest.  I will be posting some ideas on my blog and you can all tell me which item you think I should make for the prize.  I am super excite and cannot wait to see when you all will guess Nugette's name!