Thursday, October 6, 2011


Tuesday morning we went to the Ultrasound Doctor (All High tech for High Risk Pregnancy) and was able to find out that we are having a little girl!  I have added this one and another new picture of Nugette to her page!  Timothy and I thought a nickname changes was needed.  They told us they will be watching our pregnancy very closely and so I will have to go back in 3 weeks for more pictures.  I am trying to remain calm and see this as a blessing rather than a little terror in my heart.  I cannot begin to tell you how I am feeling right now.  A little shocked, and a little awed.  That child is in my tummy!  Whoa!  I still am not having very many pregnancy symptoms.  I mean except the belly, the tipping over and the crying all the time you would never think I was pregnant...

Meanwhile, back in my apartment...
I have been working on some special gifts for my friends' new babies and almost done with my two prizes from my little contest.  Tomorrow (or Saturday) I will show you the projects I have been working on!  I am also very excited because I have been slowly ironing and organizing my fabric.  Soon I will be able to start my stash report and enter the fight against my fabric collection!  There is a major sale at Joann's over Columbus Day so I will be trying to decide on a color for the quilt I shall make our own child.  Today I am covered in hives, so I am going to take a sick day.

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