Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WIP: A bunch of little things are getting done!

 I have been working on a few little projects that I have been wanting to get done.  The first two are cushioned frames for my friend G's two cross-stitches.  She does truly great work; it makes me want to take up cross-stitching again!  G made me a fantastic trade deal in exchange for my sewing she gave me some gdiapers her daughter outgrew!   I am super excited because it was what my husband and I have decided to use for our baby (We have allergies to traditional disposables in both of our families).

I also have a bunch of friends/family who have new babies or babies on the way!  I have been using these cute colored pre-folds to make various burp cloths.  I had a girl pack with dark pink, light pink, and a medium purple.  The boys' pack included dark blue, light blue and a lime green.  Since more of my friends are having girls (not all of them like pink) I have gotten a little creative with using other color choices.  I forgot to take pictures of the burp cloths I have made over the past couple weeks, so some went off to the mommies with out me recording them, oh well!

I also made a "baby scrubby" for lack of better words.  It has "minky" fabric on one side, flannel on the other, 3 layers of batting and an elastic band to keep it on your hand while washing a child.  My friend "K" has a little girl coming soon that will has some health issues and I was trying to come up with items I thought might help.  I wish I had been more creative, it just doesn't feel like enough.  When I have made a few more of these I will show you how I made the "scrubbies".  I made two other burp cloths (not pictured), I am in the middle of 3 more.  They are great little projects that I can start on my machine and then hand sew the binding on while resting.

On my 4 commission projects:  I am super excited because I finally found the perfect fabric for one of them that has been troubling me (one other time I had the "perfect" fabric picked out and it sold out before I could buy it).  My husband is going to help me spray baste the foundations for a funky Modern pieced wall hanging (#2).  I am deliriously happy that I truly found the perfect pattern in two magazines that just came out a couple weeks ago for #3 & #4.  My husband let me camp out at Joann's for 3.5 hours while he was at work one Saturday.  I will show you more as I get these pieces together!  We are getting further into "Iron Fabric 2011" and my dreams of organization, its slow but steady.  I will post a picture soon to show you an update on my Fabric Stash project!

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