Monday, October 17, 2011

WIP: "The Colors of The Wind..."

 I simply love color!  As I am constantly talking about on this blog, I have quite a bit of fabric.  It's a lifetime time of birthday presents, Christmas presents, monthly budgeting, allowances, and babysitting money.  Someone suggested that I should simply give some of it away if I could not use or organize it.  Now that is a challenge!  

It has been my struggle to get started on a stash report and give myself challenges to use the fabric I own without purchasing a lot more of it (I am allowing others to give/gift me fabric because it's always a smart gift option, lol.)  But the first challenge has been to get it organized.  I have been simply delighted over getting these beauties ironed in in their right place.  Sometimes I linger over a particular cut, remembering a story that might go with it or why I might have purchased it.  I wish I could say that I am done, organized and ready to blaze on ahead to my project challenges, however, I am finding more fabric every day hidden in boxes, bags, in my closet, trunks, and storage tubs.  It is sad to say that there is still a pile on my craft room floor waiting to be ironed and put on bolts!  I have made a decision that those cuts will be set aside for my sewing classes, and to be given away before we move next year.

As I am starting to feel symptoms for the first time during this pregnancy (besides the obvious tummy bulge and energetic little kicking that is), I am finding that I am slowing down to the speed of State Government.  It is my sincere wish to get my 4 commission projects done and mailed off in the next 3 weeks.  I am having trouble with one of the projects because I do not have the right fabric for the sashing; every time I have picked the right one online, it has sold out before I can purchase it, and this has already happened 4 times!  I am going to get started on the middle portion and travel to a fabric shop near my husband's work in a couple weeks; I will find the fabric I need!  I have almost completed the two prizes for my little contest a few weeks back.  I should have the binding hand stitched on tonight or tomorrow morning, the first to be delivered tomorrow, and the second one will be received by next week!  You will see the start of one (or more) of the commission projects by the end of the week.  Thanks again to all of you for your encouragement.

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