Friday, October 28, 2011

Finish It Up Fridays: My First Week!

A few months ago I ran into a contest challenging us to finish up our works in progress.  It was quite an incentive for me to work on my projects, not so much for the winning a prize, but rather it felt like I had an obligation to finish something even if it was only a couple projects a month.  I've gotten out of the habit of following blogs (I actually had put it in my schedule for an hour, 2 times a week), which has led to my being less reliable in my own blog postings.  My reasons for blogging was to have a way to express myself (this was especially important this past spring when I was home-bound) and connect to the outside world, even if its the small world of quilting and crafting.  

This past week as I attempted to get back on schedule I read a post from a site I recently started to follow called, Crazy Mom Quilts.  She recently started an encouragement for readers to work on finishing projects.  So each Friday I will post what I have finished for the week and upload my link to her website.  You should stop by there and see all the other projects linked by others.  Some I am simply amazed by what I am seeing and it puts a fire within me to get moving on something each week.  My first "finish" for this week is a set I made for my friend's Baby shower of a bib and a burp cloth for her coming little boy.  It is true that I have been making a lot of baby shower gifts lately, and the trend will continue in the foreseeable future as everyone I know seems to be procreating these days!  My second "finish" would be the table runner I wrote about on my Tuesday blog post this past week; it's a belated birthday gift for my MIL.

My goal for Saturday is to get my fabric stash finished being ironed, organized, and yardage counted!  On Monday I hope to post my very first official Stash Report, and share with you my ideas for how I plan to start using these wonderful gems!  See you Monday!


  1. The bib and the burp cloth are cute! Nice Friday finish. I have nothing to post for this week so you're doing better than me :) Hope to see what you get done next week.

  2. Aww... those are so cute! Your friend will love them! :o)


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