Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Such A Nerd...

I admit it, I am such a nerd [noun Slang. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.]  I had this idea a couple days ago that I could play with some of my orphan blocks and scraps to make some mug rugs for Christmas, and it looks like everyone is getting one for Christmas!  I might have, just a little, gone perhaps a tiny bit, overboard (as per usual).  John from Quilt Dad is perhaps known as (or should be, I think) the King of Mug Rugs because it always seems that he is making one every week.  In fact that is where I first even heard of the idea of basically a fancy coaster.

This past week on WIP Wednesday I ran into a lovely blog called, Sew Awesome, who posted about a lovely moment with her mother and she inspired my attempt on the abstract blocks you will see a little of in the pictures!  Another inspiration was A Girl In Paradise's post about her Folded-star mini quilt she posted for AmyLouwho's Mini Quilt challenge.  I will admit I had thought about trying to enter my link in as well, but I misbehaved (ie. lifted things to cause a little pains to happen and husband to get a little panic'd) and missed the deadline.  I was able to get 9 of the 12 Mug Rugs done, but I also have a picture of the other 3 which I plan to use as baby shower prizes (I know one is not supposed to do things for their own shower, but...).  I really like how the scrappy binding turned out which I modified from Jaybird Quilt's Scrappy Binding Tutorial, I used scrap bag strips 3" inch wide and cut my binding to be 2" straight across instead of on the slant.  I will have to try to follow her exact directions next time though cause I really like how her's turned out too!

9 Mug Rugs 5.75" X 8.5" (14cm X 21.5cm) in green/yellow/blues
3 Other MR's that still need binding
My husband, lovely man that he is, was tied up this past weekend with a wonderful opportunity to "beta test" the new Star Wars:  The Old Republic MMORPG (Massively Multi-person Online Role Playing Game).  In a world before I had all my fabric organized, I would have been sitting right next to him all day, but in my new world I just sew all the time (I used to play MMORPG's, which are really great fun).  We did get out Saturday night to register a few more things on our baby registry at Babies R' Us (seriously the name of the store, crazy, huh?), although I think my husband just likes hold the scanner because every time I turned around he was scanning another item or two; I just may need to double-check that list!  So with a few more finishes under my belt this week I think I will be able to rest a little easier having Christmas almost wrapped up (literally!).  And now I will leave you with a little tidbit of fun with the trailer for the game!

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  1. What a fun way to play with blocks. It sounds like both you and your husband had a great weekend.

  2. that is the prettiest pile of mug rugs ever!!!

  3. Your mug rugs look great! I'm sure folks will be happy to receive such a nice gift :o)


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