Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP: Crawling To The Finish Line

Well, it's Wednesday again and I have a lot I want to get accomplished this week!  It will be my first time hosting TGIFF and set up the linky party for others to share their finished projects.  I hope it all works out well!  I will be sharing my fun recipe for making your own Hot chocolate mix.  My goal this week has been to tackle some of my WIP list, get it down to a more manageable list.  First off I cleared up the list on the sidelines by deleting projects that haven't actually been started, off my list.  That knocks off 8 items that I realized when I went looking for them, that did not yet exist!

I wanted my last two fall wall hangings to be finished by this post, but I still have a  little more handi-work on on the binding to do.  Some other items that I am hoping to get wrapped up are two Quilt tops and 2 Christmas runners that were spray basted and sandwiched over the last couple days. The quilting on the Peach/Purple Tumbler quilt has begun, I am thinking about trying my hand at machine-stitching the binding on this time, but we will see if they can be completed.

The binding though is ready (pictured below), and perhaps I may have overdid it with 27 yards of the yellow binding for the Christmas runners.  But then I always kind of feel elated when I am working on a  project and I find perfectly coordinating binding already made-up, it sort of feels like cheating.  I have 8 yards each of the green and blue binding, however I realized when looking at them again that I made up the blue in 2 1/4 inch wide instead of 2 1/2 inch wide. so I may need to make up another set for the blue/yellow tumbler quilt if I decide to machine-stitch the binding I will need the extra 1/4 inch.

Of course a week cannot go by without started just one tiny little extra project that is needed for some important reason.  I am however very stuck on this one because it calls for me to cut the blocks so that they are not all lining up with each other.  It truly is a struggle to not line all these boxes on the advent calendar up like little soldiers.  I used the pattern on Sew Mama Sew, however I modified it (of course) to fit what I was wanting (mostly matching boxes for one thing), so maybe it doesn't have to look wonky either!  I also just cut the numbers out by hand rather then follow a template for them (I did cut out an extra batch of numbers so I can have them ready if I make another one).  

Well I am off to take another picture of my baby girl, Nugette (nickname until we can reveal her name), my greats WIP project that I am currently working on, that's for sure!

So my WIP's this week are:
New projects -1
In process - 27 (took projects off list I haven't started)
In planning- 8
Finishes - 8
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  1. love your jump in with everything leaves...way to go and you did 2 of them...goodness me I would pulling my hair out doing anything over again lol
    congrats on completing some wip..x

  2. Great works in progress! I wish I was doing as good as you...I'm sooo behind! =(

    annie m.


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