Monday, November 14, 2011

SR-W46: "You're Going To Miss This..."

Never have I anticipated anything more than the arrival of our first child.  It was almost a year ago that we found out that we were pregnant and I am not sure you could have found two happier persons in all the world at that moment.  When we lost the first of our babies just after Christmas it was with the news that we had two more growing within me, so we dreamed, planned and hoped beyond all reason.  Our greatest joy was surpassed by our greatest sorrow when we found out almost 1 month later, near the end of January 2011, that our children had died.  There is nothing in life that prepares a person for that, but I had to return to work within two weeks of surgery.  Life goes on.  In April I contracted Viral meningitis and my world stopped as I was confined for almost 2 months.  All the meanwhile, I had stopped hoping and dreaming for a child, after all, we had been married for 7 years.  I finished my quilt in memory of my babies the day before Mother's Day, I was starting to heal a little.  Just as I started to get up and try to rework my muscles and gain strength we found out we were pregnant again.
I will be totally honest with you, I never thought we'd make it to 25 weeks let alone have hope again that we'd some day hold our own child.  

The last couple of weeks were emotional ones for me as I worked on gifts for friends who already had their children in arms.  A couple weekends ago my husband said that he had worked some overtime and he wanted me to buy the fabric for our little girl's quilt (I was going to wait to buy it until I had sold some stuff I had made).  He wanted to make sure we were hoping, planning and dreaming again.  So even as I was organizing and giving away fabric, I made a purchase of fabric (at the last possible moment) from the Fat Quarter Shop with a 20% discount code I had received through a PS I QUILT online class.  From that Monday night (11PM) the fabric was cut, shipped and received just a little over a day later on Wednesday(1PM)!  I joyously went down to our campus mail room to pick up my box!  I can show you the fabric, but I will not be able to post pictures of my progress (as per class rules) but hopefully I might be able to show you the finished quilt eventually.

From Kate Spain's Terrain line

Busted this Week:                   13.25
Busted from 10/01/2011:        156.75
Stashed this Week:                 18.75
Stashed from 10/01/2011:        27.5
Net Busted for 2011(from 10/01/2011):  129.25
So in my desire to rush this pregnancy I am reminded of this song, "You're Going To Miss This," by Trace Adkins.  Treasure the time you have right now!  See you on Wednesday for WIP's I can't wait to show you some of the things I am working on, some new starts today (and maybe more tomorrow)...

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  1. Congratulations on your baby. I've experienced loss, and know what it is like to deal with it. I was told that my first pregnancy, twins, would not live to viability because of a rare condition called Twin to Twin Transfusion. When we made it to 30 weeks (preterm labor at 26 weeks), I knew we were in the clear. One of my twins did die at 9 months old from problems related to her prematurity. She had an extremely low birth rate. Jan 31 of 2005 we were told both would die. Feb 22 2007 one did. It was 2 years of grief that I couldn't relive. I did go on to have two more children, and time has softened those wounds, but I am heartbroken when I read of someone who has also experienced a loss. Best wishes to your new baby!


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