Friday, November 4, 2011

FIF2/TGIFF 1: "Arms Wide Open..."

I was up early, very early, about 3:30am to be more descriptive.  Listening to the sounds of traffic through an open window, I am feeling homesick.  Even after 3 years I just can't get used to the view, the weather, the culture change, and the lack of not only air but room to breathe in that fresh air.  It is hard to imagine that our little girl-to-come will most likely never know what the difference is in locations. Oh she will see the pretty pictures and hear the stories, but to her this will be her home, her normal.
Juneau, Alaska (Home)
On a positive note, I got a few projects done!  In the semi-quiet morning (we are talking downtown Dallas here, quiet is relative), I went to work on quite a few more baby gifts that I have had in the works and most are overdue to be honest, but hopefully that will be forgiven when they are received.  Three sets of bibs and burp cloths finally completed for Natalia, Hannah, and Elliott; now they just need to be delivered or mailed this next week!  I am hoping to start some projects before my friends have their next batch of babies, especially since I know of 7 friends who are due within 3 weeks of me!  I think I just might be a little busy to start anything if I wait until after they are all born.

 Having been sick this week I also dug up a project I started a while back that I could do on the couch while watching a movie.  I finished it up just yesterday and added the initial and word art yesterday afternoon, and finally got it delivered last night to the two month old little Luke.  I had a wonderful time chatting with with my friends about their transition to parenthood and some of their own advice for my husband and I to consider.  (Further note on 11/04/11:  Blanket is knitted from all cotton yarn usually used in making dish clothes)

And finally a project that I am simply amazed got completed.  I started this bib about 5 years or so ago when my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first child.  Waiting to find out the gender of the child, one bib was made for a boy, this one was started, and then stopped when we were told she was having a man-cub.  When digging through my scrap/project bin I saw this yesterday and thought it would be perfect for my own little girl to use and all I needed to do was add the binding to make it complete!  As you be able to tell by now I did not complete my Projects from this week's WIP Wednesday post, but I don't think I did too bad overall.  The fall mini-quilt will definitely be done for next week though!

New projects (since last FIF)- 3
In progress - 21 (Yes I am tempted to start more)
Finishes (Since last FIF)- 8

I'm usually linking with Crazy Quilt Mom for FIF (Finish It Up Fridays), but she is taking time off.
So, linking with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday (TGIFF) being hosted this week at Quokka Quilts!


  1. You've been busy! Congrats on finishing so many projects!

  2. Wow what a big change for you. Cute bibs. Thanks for linking up to tgif friday. You are as bad as me for wips and new projects! :) tgiff and hosting monthly is keeping me on track!

  3. Laura, that is exactly my thoughts, to have a little bit of accountability in a way! I am so excited to have a schedule of sorts (Stash reports on Mon, WIP on Wed, and TGIFF on Fri) to keep me on track! All of them work hand in hand I think to accomplish what we all want: finished items!

  4. Wow, wonderful finishes. My cousin was in Barrow for a few years. Now she's not quite roasting in New Zealand. I can't imagine the heat in Texas. TG for A/C! ;) Is that a knit blanket or a chenille quilt? Either way, it's beautiful! Well done!


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