Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP: "Time Is Ticking Away..."

Welcome to another month and another Wednesday!  Halloween is over, but the season of Fall is just starting to hit Texas.  I have been tossing around ideas on what to use my Grand Finale fat quarters that I have been hoarding.  The first project that I have been tempted to use them on is this cute little mini quilt. In addition I used some fabric from two other lines by Sandy Gervais,  Tranquility and Awesome, to cut out pieces.  I have been inspired by a recent quilting magazine to adapt one of their patterns into a leafy table runner, but we will see how much ambition can be mustered up.  I still have not yet completed the purple, green and white table runner.  My husband plans  to help me (or better said I am planning on him to help) spray baste it this weekend or at least in the next week so I might get it quilted, bound, and mailed off before the end of the month!

So my WIP this week is:

New projects -2
In progress - 29 (Yes I have a problem)
Finishes - 2

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On another note, I was not able to post on Monday my final count for my first official "Stash Report" because I got the flu over the weekend and that pretty much wiped me out!  If you look at the pictures below you will see how far my unruly pile of fabric has come over the past month and a half.

Sept 13, 2011- This is just the beginning
October 17, 2011- Things are looking colorful
November 1, 2011- About as full as these bins can get!

I was able to run by JoAnn Fabric's to pick up some empty cardboard to put some of my large yardage fabrics on; they give them away at no cost at our local store.  I have about 1 rubbermaid tote full of fabrics needing cardboard transfers still.  So including the 10 little totes, the 11 card-boarded fabrics, one shelf in my hallway, and the rubbermaid tote I am running at about 700 yards of fabric so far, even with having given away about 97 yards of fabric on Friday (there's another 40 yards in a bag waiting for pick up)!  The last remaining number to put a figure on is the back corner of my closet where about 20 rolls of decorating fabric is hiding out.  I am hoping to make a decision on what to keep by the end of the month.  Hopefully I will be back on Friday to post on my finished projects!

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