Sunday, November 27, 2011

SR-W48: I can Explain...

My Dear, sweet husband if you are reading this, please be a dear and STOP reading this post....

I was a bad girl, a very bad girl.  I bought 5 yards of fabrics from the Christmas section at JAF (in my defense it was 60% off plus my 10% discount card...) which I plan to use to make some items for Our Parish School's silent auction. And then, 3 yards came out of the remanent bin and I already have them cut up into pieces for my quilt kits (I like to pre-cut my fabric into kits with directions so I can just grab a kit when I need a project).

And then, Black Friday sales hit me...This is one week in which I do not wish to share how much fabric was obtained!  Friday itself, found flannel at $1.49/yard (normal $7.99/yard) and then Saturday Quilter's Showcase prints were $1.99/Yard (normal $5.99/Yard).  I've had my eye on several of those prints for the Yellow/Black/Gray/White Auction Quilts for our Church Youth Group fundraiser.  Let's just say I saved a bundle of money, but I have spent all of my fabric budget for November, December & January.  Now I will have to wait to sell something or maybe Santa will be very nice to me this year and give me fabric and/or gift cards! (hopefully Santa is reading this

I am working on burning my hands fusing my scraps for a project I have been working on thinking about for about 6 months.  Amongst the fabric pick-ups was a few orange fat quarters because I realized when I got to this project that I barely have orange fabric let alone orange fabric scraps!  I will show more about this project on Wednesday when I share my WIP's.  I also need to finish 2 important projects this week, one of which I haven't started yet....Stay tuned!

so here's the shameful verdict this week:

Busted this Week:                  37.25 yards
Busted from 08/01/2011:       206.25 yards (Gave Away 22 more yards)
Stashed this Week:                52.25 yards
Stashed from 08/01/2011:       95.5 yards
Net Busted for 2011(from 08/01/2011):  110.75

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  1. Good for you! I love the colors! I've been looking for orange...

    Can't wait to see your projects!


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