Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Bowl Full of Lemons week One: The Kitchen!

Every year I make plans to finally have an organized home.  It doesn't take many weeks before I find myself full of excuses and eventually I simply let the idea fade away.  Part of that is my perfectionism rearing it's ugly head, whispering that if I can't make it perfect I might as well quit while I am ahead!  That has been the biggest problem I have had the past few years in every aspect, not just organization!  It's also part of the reason I went away from my blog for so long once we got moved in and settled.  Well I digress once again, it's time to restart my engines for 2016.  That means the organization, the blog and most of all working on my projects in an orderly manner and sometimes scheduled manner!

This year I am not hitting the cleaning and organizational band wagon by myself!  I am taking part in A Bowl Full of Lemon's Organizational challenge! She has a lovely group from around the world who is taking on this challenge.  The first mountain we are to tackle is the kitchen, that's 7 days of glorious kitchen orderliness! I hear from friends that they just don't have the room, if they had a bigger apartment or home they could then get organized!

One day I told my daughter that I expected that her room was going to get picked up.  She pleaded and cried and finally she said, "I have too much to do on my own, I need help!"  I came to the realization that if she had too much to do on her own, then she probably has too much stuff!  Now I am not saying that she has to purge all of it, but perhaps some of it needs to go into storage and be taken out for when it was needed!  Then came the thought that if I couldn't handle the housework, then perhaps I had too much stuff as well!  That is why I am determined to be honest about what we have. What do we need? What can we give away? Or what needs to be thrown out because it is broken or worn out?  So this next week, I shall start with the Kitchen...Will you take up the challenge in your own home?  Check out the first week HERE!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pattern Testing: The Sally Dress

From the very beginning, this promised to be a great pattern testing!  I have done alot of pattern testing over the years, but my favorite is always Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom by far!  I own a great deal of their established patterns in Women's, Girl's, Boy's and even their Men's patterns--that is how much I love this designer!

One of the things you should know from the very start is that the Scientific Seamstress company is serious about pattern testing! They don't just pattern test to get people to make fancy dresses for the launch of the pattern.  They do rigorous testing; one women's pattern tested for several months and I went through 4 muslins for the one month I tested alone!  I love the group process of testing in that you ask questions, you point out issues, and you take pictures to share what works and what doesn't!

When I started this process, my daughter ended up being on the very edge of the 6/beginning of the size 7 girls.  I decided to make the size 7 knowing she would be going through a growth spurt (I think I hear her legs creaking longer as I type even)!  Ironically, her current growth spurt leaned out her torsal about 1/2" in just a few weeks which made the first tester dress above swim on her without a sash. She dropped down into the Size 6 realm but no fear I know she will return to this size 7 before long!  I simply LOVE the full double-skirt of options 2 & 3 on the pattern.  The way it swishes around her was simply a delight for her!

When you add the sash from Options 1 & 2, you can fudge a little on the sizes because you gather in the fabric.  The picture above is the Option 1 with one Skirt (with decorative band added for fun) and a wonderful sash! The best part about the sash is the Big bow you can make in the back.  I sincerely love this pattern and I am already working on 2 more dresses for my daughter and two more in larger sizes for the daughters of my friends (This pattern goes all the way up to size 14 girls!)!  I would highly recommend this pattern and I don't say that lightly, I have not always recommended patterns that I have tested.  You can find the pattern HERE!  If you are going to sew up the Sally or any of the other Sisboom or Scientific Seamstress patterns, also check out the Scientific Seamstress lab which is a fantastic group for working through any questions!

Until Next time!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Finish-Along 2016 Quarter 1

This is one huge list, I know that, but I am attempting this anyways!  If you want to attempt a list too, check out this post HERE!

Aurora's Quilt

Fancy Forest Quilt

My Small World

Pillow covering
The HST Quilt

Churn Dash blocks baby quilt

Mini-hourglass quil
HST & 4-Patch Swap Quilt (Mine are all Blues which are going to be a baby Quilt)

Mini-Plus quilt

Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging

Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging
Sommersalt Quilt
 Martinique Strip Quilt
Modern Squares Table Runner
Rose Star Quilt
Dot Explosion Quilt
I'll Fly Away Quilt
Anita's Arrowheads

Pinwheel Plus! Quilt
Still a filmsy-Chain Quilt

Holiday Happenings quilt
Faster Fourteen Halloween Quilt
Mystery Mondays 8 expanded quilt

Finishing BOM Quilts:

Legacy Sampler #1 BOM 2012-2013

Legacy Sampler #2 BOM 2012-2013

Box sampler 2013
Lone Star Pizazz 2013-2014
Sampler Block Shuffle

Mystery Quilt Mayhem:

Grand Illusion Mystery 2014-Mini Sized

Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #1
Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #2
Richy's Pop-up mystery


Dress for Me--Needs to be hemmed, bodice reworked.
The missing Christmas Dress
A skirt

Children's top

Children's top

sundress 2

Summer dress

Precious dress, apron & slip

Sis Boom Scientific Seamstress dress

Dress for me
Easter Dress

Little Girl's Dress

Josephina long-sleeved blouse (in back)

Ballerina Gabriella Fae (Bottom Right) Butterfly Easter dress (middle left), Lavender Sally, Pink Sally, Yellow Dress

Sisboom Dress.

Cross Stitchery:

Winter Angel Cross Stitch

Tea pot table runner

Kitchen washcloths
No pictures (Moving, items got packed)
Finished Block Swap November
Star Trek Craft Swap
Rainbow Mini Swap round 2 (Grunge partly pictured above)
Dancing Stars Quilt
Little Girl's flannel nightgown
10 pairs of scrap bibs
3 Texas Scrap Bibs
3 pairs of babyshoes

Until next time!

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