Thursday, January 30, 2014


Miss Z has been looking through a veil of hair for the past couple of months as she refuses to let mommy put anything in her hair--she will let Daddy do her hair, but that story is for another day.  So she sorta fo had her bangs cut....

People try to tell me how much my daughter looks like me, however to me she is the spitting imagine of My husband (without the beard of course).  I was able to find a picture of myself a little older than Miss Z is now and I thought it was time to compare.  It would of course be better if I could find my husband's toddler pictures, but this is the best we can do for today!

Miss Z (taken Tuesday, a Month shy of 2 years)

Mommy (Me, taken when I was 2.75 years old)

Hmmm..Okay now that I am looking at the pictures right by each other she looks more like me than I thought, but still more like her Daddy in my mind!  I am very curious if she will have curly hair as a child like I did or get curly hair like my husband did at about 12 years old.  My goodness I had such red hair, which is like my Aunt Mary's now that I think about it.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Monday, I put my sewing machine on the dining table and a bunch of things have crowded around it so it doesn't feel so lonely being out of my bedroom crafting area!

I have 8 projects in progress around the table

1.  Secret Project #1
2.  Secret project #2
3.  Time Warp Quilt needs binding hand-sewn (I had to rip out my last attempt)
4.  Lone Star Pizazz BOM Block
5.  Fabric laying there to make myself a Sisboom Dress
6.  Fabric & pattern pieces to make a blouse for my daughter
7.  My Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop Project
8.  Birthday Present for my daughter in Progress

Now I won't exactly point out which is what; I will let you have fun figuring that out!  I did have grand plans on Monday to get snapping on Miss Z's Big Girl Quilt, but I have pushed that to the side in favor of naps while I am still recovering.  Don't get me wrong, it is still my goal to get it completed by her birthday!!

Time Warp before the sandwich/top stitching process began

I have a couple friends who are coming for lunch so I better get back to vanity cleaning!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

The SPIRIT of P.I.N.K.

Fabric lines can be a rather funny thing.  Some are iconic; they flash it's designer's name without looking.  For example I can spot just about anything designed by Sandy Gervais whose designs vary and yet there is a certain quality that screams her name to me.  I have used more of her fabric in projects than any other designers, she is unique and yet her lines work so well many other fabrics.  She was the first fabric designer that made me long for designer fabrics.

The fabric line Spirit by Lila Tueller is frankly not a line of fabric I would have picked out to use.  Mainly it is because it's just so P.I.N.K. which happens to be one of my most disliked colors.  However a few years back I picked up a few Moda Scrap bags two were filled with remnants of Spirit.   I was a little flabbergasted on what in the world I was going to do with such fabrics, but you would be surprised.  

At first, it started out innocently enough with a dear friend having a baby girl.  We knew before she was born that she would be female so I wanted to make some sweet little gifts.  My friend was definitely the sort who would be dressing her daughter up in P.I.N.K. and frilly little girl type stuff so I knew this would be the perfect fabrics for a couple burp cloths and a bath scrubby. 

over the past couple of years, I found myself pulling it out for other baby gift projects...

Last year, it was used for some scrappy bibs for a fundraiser..

Next, some of the fabric made it's way onto this project..

Now finally when almost every scrap I had left was tied up in a scrappy challenge quilt (Pillow cover pictured below)...I bought just a little bit more a couple of months ago.  I found the fabric in my LQS's $3.00/per yard section which requires that you purchase at least 2 yards for the deal, so I just took the rest of the bolt.  Getting 3.5 yards for the price of 1 yard is not a bad deal.  Especially since God has graced me with the frilliest, most ardent lover of P.I.N.K. there has ever existed!  I will admit that I have done my best to dilute this with a whole palette of colors, but her first choice is always P.I.N.K when it comes to picking out anything; clothes, bedding, dollies, etc.

A throw Pillow Cover
Miss Z, my dear readers will be getting a quilt for her big girl bed that matches the pillow cover!  My hope had been to get it completed for Christmas, but that was just not possible, so it will probably be our birthday gift of 2014!  I still haven't quite figured out how I want to quilt this one, but I can say it will totally be my focus this week!  There are only 3 weeks left until her 2nd birthday, can you believe it?

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stash Report 2014-Week 4

NO change over last week:

Used This Week:  -0 yards
Used Year To Date:   -7 1/2 yards
Added this week:  +0 yards
Added Year To Date:  +11 3/4 yards
Net Used For 2014:  +4 1/4 yards

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Hi, my name is Shanna.  I was born a few decades ago at a very young age...and I like to quilt!  We are displaced Alaskans living in Texas.  I started this blog 3 years ago as a way to start writing.  I have a friend who writes about writing and he is very good at it it.  one of his pieces of advice is that you will never improve your writing unless you write and that one should write about things one likes.  I had only just started quilting about 8 months before I started my blog so it became a journey as I tried to not only work through the making of things, but also work through the grief of loosing triplets.

I have found that the blogging community is an amazingly supportive group of people!  I have made blogging friends from all over the world who were "with" me while I brought my daughter into the world as well the loss of two more pregnancies.  There are always some aspects of blogging that can be hard, but overall it has helped me to not only become a better quilter, but I feel a better person.  I also write a lot about my family, reading and my daughter Miss Z!

I am not quite sure what else I should tell you about myself so let me ask you my favorite question!  If your life was a movie, what songs would be on your soundtrack?  I actually have a category on my ipod as such which the playlist is always changing to tell you the truth, but here are a few of the songs on that very long list.

1.  The Story
2.  Forever
3.  Don't Call Me Daughter
4.  Fuller Sense of Peace
5.  There is A Fountain
6.  A little C.C.R.
And Many more...

Each song invokes a memory for me, what makes you choose your music?

Thank you very much for stopping by and visiting me!  I wish I had a special something to giveaway, but I do not.  I do ask that you might go to the blog list and especially support the newer bloggers out there.  I think they could use the encouragement.  Go HERE to see Vicki's list!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

BOM'S & Design Wall

Greetings!  I have two more blocks completed for Lone Star Pizazz BOM from my LQS.  The dark green fabric on this first one was from my own stash as I horribly messed up the block on my first try.  That will teach me to complete those tester blocks before hand!  My piecing skills have definitely improved over the past year, though I am not perfect I am still proud of my work.  The Fourth block I just picked up on Friday looks really complicated, so I will have to be very careful with this next block.  If you have some BOM's of your own or you have a project you have broken down into monthly parts, you should consider linking up to What a Hoot's BOMs Away linky party( see HERE).  I know a few of you will see this post from that very linky group, but for those who have not, it has been so much fun seeing what BOM programs are out there and to know that I am not the only one that lingers in such an area!  My goal this year is to have 2 complete BOM'a completed.  That might mean I use those blocks in different ways than all together in one quilt, but I will have completed that month's block nevertheless!  HERE is a link to my current BOM's which you can also find on the tab at the top!

Block 2

Block 3

Design Wall:
I have a bunch of secret projects on the wall today that I can't show you quite yet so I don't spoil the surprise, however I also have the tester blocks for Block 2 above that I want to make into a quilt top this week.This one I can't quite wrap my head around how I want the layout to go right now.  I was thinking of a simple 9 by 9 with a border or a sashing between the blocks with the white fabric.  The center coral fabric is currently on sale at Connecting Threads for like $4/yard, so I am debating with myself if I should pick it up now for the binding and backing fabrics since I don't actually have a lot of pink in my stash this has been a hard quilt.  My goal was to make a rather girl baby quilt so I think that part is going in the right direction atleast!  I really want to join up with Judy's Quilt-along, but I am afraid I have too much on my list right now.

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I am linking up to:
Design Wall Monday with Judy@ Patchwork Times
BOM's Away with Lyn @ What a Hoot Quilts

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finishes & Stash Report 2014-Week 3

I am very pleased with how this quilt turned out!  I could not find a solid that would work for the binding so I used a black & Gray Swirl print fabric instead.  I love the rainbowy backing fabric I've had in my stash for about 16 years!  This finished wall hanging measures 11 3/4" X 11 3/4" and I am so excited to keep this beautiful piece!
Rainbow Trip Around the World-front

Rainbow Trip Around the World-back

Rainbow Trip Around the World-Close up on stitching

Hanging Pockets
I did purchase some fabric this week for several projects I have in the works including clothing for my daughter and the next blog hop item!  The zigzag fabric I got for $3/yard so I was pretty excited with that find!  Overall, I don't think I did too bad this week.  The fabric shown on the right is for the LQS' BOM, but I thought I would count it now just in case I forget to once the quilt is completed.  My Stash altogether looks exactly like last week with some minor changes so I did not include a picture of the cubes.
Fabric added this week!
Used This Week:  -4 yards
Used Year To Date:   -7 1/2 yards
Added this week:  +11 3/4 yards
Added Year To Date:  +11 3/4 yards
Net Used For 2014:  +4 1/4 yards

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Grow Your Blog--Encourage others

I was having a hard time sleeping last night, so I was going through random blogs when I came across this:

I haven't really been worried about growing my readership, however I had this thought that I should attend simply to encourage the new bloggers out there.  When I first started 3 years ago I was trying to find my way in the quilting world as I was a relatively new quilter.  I never would have guessed how much I have come to enjoy my cyber-friendships with bloggers I have "met" through out the world!

The deadline to enter was January 15th, though she accepted my blog somewhere around 1 in the morning so who knows (Click on the icon above to go to the blog post).  But really I am sharing this to encourage that if you have a spare hour you might volunteer to help visit the blogs, especially the brand spanking new ones.  Leave them an encouraging word that might bolster them to continue in the craft.  This is not a demand, I know many of you are very, very busy people, but it's just a thought I had...

Thanks for stopping by today!  The family is still sleeping, but once they are up I will get pictures taken of the Kona Quilt I finally got completed last night!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cherry Cobbler: Book 2 of the Blackberry County Chronicles

I have a friend who offered this audio-book to me for free, I asked if I might be able to do a review of it on my blog.  All thoughts and opinions on this book are completely my own and will always be honest.  I can never be paid or offered something for free just to garner a good review from me, just so that you know.

(From Audible Website)
The Publisher's description:  
Quirky, funny, lighthearted Cherry is starting to panic. She's pushing 30 and has a bit of a weight problem. But most of all, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. For her, the wrong place is thinking she could handle missionary life with a young Indiana Jones look alike. Her complete failure to understand herself unfolds as she realizes the treasure she has been missing is right under her nose.

My Thoughts:
Cherry is going through the awkwardness of finding a partner in life and ministry.  I really liked Cherry, the character is not only beleiveable, but I felt alot like her in my early to mid-twenties.  Most fo my friends married young and were popping up babies all around me.  Cherry is rather likable, though there are times I wanted to shake her a little bit, her flaws & quarks and other aspects of her nature or personality was not far fetched at all.  In fact, the world that Ms. Reardon creates seems like a familiar place, like I have been there before.  I felt that in particular the author did a very good job fleshing out the male characters which si not always the case for Christian fiction I am sad to say.

One of the things that I really liked about this book is the fact that it did not trivialize the feelings of those who want to settle down, have a family and that they need someone following after God's ways to do so.  This book does come from a Christian world-view so there are some aspects to relationships that the main character expresses that is within that moral sphere.

I ran the gamete of emotions while listening to this audio-book.  There was a great deal of laughter, amusement and misty-eyed moments on my part which led me to thoroughly enjoy this book.  When the last page was read to me, i felt satisfied and happy at the conclusion.  I did not feel that the end was tacked on a reader had said on a kindle review of this book, I rather thought that one could look back and see the path the author was taking you on, even if it may have been a surprise to some readers.  I would recommend this book in either visual or audio format.  I especially liked the audio format as it allowed me to listen while I worked on some chores around the house as well as listening during my sewing work I had on my desk to do.  I really liked the voices used  for each character.

I already have a copy of the first book in the series that I plan to go back to, but I think this book might be able to stand on its own. 

*\0/* Cheers
PS- You can find the kindle version HERE or the Audiobook version HERE if you are interested in picking up a copy yourself!

Written In The Pages Of My Life...

I have a friend that I have known since we were teenagers that writes about writing, I mean he has books on the subject.  One of the things he tells people is that you can only improve your writing if you actually write.  So I started this blog 3 years ago with the idea that I would write about books and whatever else came to my mind!  But I wanted to join a particular blog ring so you go from one to the next and so on on the subject of one's fabric stash.  However, to join, one had to not talk about a list of items which for me meant I had to stop doing book reviews since they were not about quilting.  A couple of weeks ago I realized how much that has blocked me from being able to write my thoughts.

I am a religious person, it permeates every part of me, and to not be able to write about that kind of leaves my blog a bit empty.  I am not a political person, but I have thoughts on political topics, or atleast on topics polarizing the nation.  I am embarking on the journey of home-schooling, which is a whole barrel of fish in thoughts on both education and parenting.  So in an effort to be more intentional, I thought I would bring back the posts I moved off my blog, which are mostly book reviews.  For those who follow via a blog reader I am not quite sure how those will show up on your feed, but it might be all at once, so be patient with me.  You will also start to see new reviews added for all kinds of books, some on parenting, there will be some on quilting, some will be fiction and non-fiction.  The one I am working on right now is an audiobook which should be up later today.

Rainbow Trip Around the World
I know some might be turned off by content other than quilting, but in the end it's my blog.  I had a totally selfish purpose in forming it.  I don't make my living from it, I have no sponsors, but I have enjoyed my interactions with all of you my dear readers so my hope is that you will take these bits of me along with the quilting!  In Quilting news, I finally settled on a fabric for binding my Rainbow Trip Around the world quilt!  I am hoping to get the hand-sewn bit completed while I watch cooking shows with my husband tonight.  So look for a picture tomorrow, I will share the backing this time, even if the whole thing is not completed.

Thanks for sticking with me this far in my post today!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woman In Process Wednesday

I've decided that this year I will make progress with more than just fiber-arts, I want to make changes in myself as well.  I am taking part in the 2014 Sugar Block Club, and along with January's block came Amy's very personal self-reflection.  From her out-pouring there was something that just clicked in me; it made me realize that I wanted to focus changing things about myself.  I started my blog 3 years ago to help me work through the loss of triplets.  Focusing on quilting and throwing myself into my creative brain has helped me more than you can imagine, but I am now ready to move beyond that.  I I am ready to stop existing, I am ready to thrive!  This month the theme is "Be Intentional" and I plan to do fully that.  So what does that look like?

1.  Have more tea parties.  I want my daughter to remember me when she grows up.  I can teach her to count just as easily with tea cakes as with flash cards.

2.  Read and watch more things that will make me laugh.  I used to be fun and energetic, but I have gotten so serious.  I plan to read books for simple enjoyment.

3.  I plan to buy this orange chair or something like it this year.  My favorite comfy chair broke last week after we have had it for 5.5 years.  We have been saying for two years now that we will buy  a couch, since that has not happened yet we are now down to one living room chair!  In the meantime, I plan to make a couple more floor pillows.

4.  Make a couple more floor pillows! (see above)

What do you plan to be more Intentional about in 2014?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Birthday Club-January part 1!

This year during Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt making process a group formed on Facebook to make the quilt together.  I don't have my quilts completed yet, however the Facebook group is one of the most fun experiences I have ever had quilting..EVER!  Through that group I met so many people, I even joined a Birthday Club group where we celebrate each other's Birthday!

The First birthday of our group was Becky; along with a couple little goodies, I made her a little mini-quilt.  This little snack mat measures 11 3/4" X 11 3/4", the center little blocks came from Karen (EasyPatchwork) who put a recipe up on the Moda bake shop HERE.  The fabric is from on of Kate Spain's lines along with some solids and other fabrics from my stash.  I will definitely make this pattern again!  This is one of those purely for the enjoyment kind of projects.  I am trying to get back to making things just for the enjoyment of the process in making it.

Our next duo of birthday Gals are at the end of this month and then not another until March. I still have things to make for Miss Z for her birthday, as well as items for participating in SEW WE QUILTS' Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop!  I have so many fun projects already in the works, I am just bursting with excitement  If you are interested in participating in some of the other upcoming events, check out the site for more information.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

2014's BOM Lists

I have a few BOM (Block of the Month) that I am now working through in 2014, some of which you have seen before and some are new!  I was hoping to get a block completed this week to share with you, but it didn't happen.  Instead I rested in my blankets and listened to an audio book.  I checked that it was okay to share my thoughts with you on the book which I shall do in the next couple of days!

This is what my BOM list looks like right now:

The  Sugar Block Club 2014
The  Craftsy BOM 2014 (This is free here:
The Farmer Wife Sampler

Lone Star Pizzazz BOM 2013-14
The  Sugar Block Club 2013
The  Legacy Sampler  1 BOM 2012-13
The  Legacy Sampler 2 BOM 2012-13

You can see my BOM list at a glance, with pictures, on the tab at the top.  I am trying to keep it updated each week as I complete blocks.  My goal, of course, is to actually complete a quilt you know!  I will get there, in the meantime, I am sure enjoying the journey and I certainly have learned so much!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stash Report 2014-Week 2

My Plan is to post my Stash Reports on Saturdays each week.  I forgot to post this picture for the end of 2013 post, of some fabric I picked up three weeks ago at my LQS end of year sale, so although I am including the picture for sharing sake, it is not counting on my 2014 totals.  I am also trying to include a picture of my stash Cubicles (below) each week as I am still in the process of ironing and organizing all that I currently have on hand.  I do not think everything will fit in the two units I have purchased thus far, we may need to go back for a third unit!

Used This Week:  -2 3/4 yards
Used Year To Date:   -2 3/4 yards
Added this week:  +0 Yards
Added Year To Date:  +0 Yards
Net Used For 2014:  -2 3/4 yards

I decided that I am turning WIP Wednesdays into Woman IProcess Wednesdays.  I like what Stitchery Dickory Dock wrote on the First of this year about being more intentional in all aspect of one's life!  I plan to be more intentional in using the fabrics I have been given or bought in my projects.  I am not going to swear that I won't purchase fabric this year, after all I have my eye on a certain line of fabric for my birthday, but I will try to be more proactive about using what I do already own.

*\o/* Cheers

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kona Hop Day Four

It had been my intention to complete my Rainbow Trip Quilt from Day One on the Blog Hop, but not only can I not decide what fabric to use for the binding that I already own, but I also caught a bit of a cold, so I am running behind my plans.  It is what it is, however so I will try to that next week.

Meanwhile, take some time to visit the lovely work showcased on today's stops on the hop!

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